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Warning: Pregnant women, the elderly, and children under 10 should avoid prolonged exposure to the Robot Overlord. Robot Overlord may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. The Robot Overlord contains a liquid core, which if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at. If Robot Overlord begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head. Do not taunt the Robot Overlord.


  1. Blah blah blah. More hype by Marvel and renumbering something as number one just to get something going. I am really beginning to think that the talent of writing some of these comics is very lacking so the companies have to invent something and have a comic die off at a number thus rebooting at number one and hoping the public will take the bait. What happened to the quality of comics when there was one title, one writer, maybe more, but the company let the writer dictate where a comic went and evolved? What happened to those days. Now it is a company saying lets do this, lets do that, lets try this, and nothing works. If you write quality work people will read and enjoy. Look at Brubaker on Cap America. So what if it takes 20 something issues for a story line to complete. So be it. You know what, I am hooked with good writing for 20+ issues and you are getting my money for those issues. Not oh here is a story line, no plot, no development of characters and personalities, but here is a story for three to five issues and we know you are going to buy it because well we know you are gonna buy it just because. No. I am more intelligent than that. Guys I hope the companies read your site so they can really get some of the feelings and thoughts that comic readers have. Maybe one day they will have the balls to try something else instead of the regular bullshit.

  2. Is it me or is this poster for DD #1 nearly identical to the poster ad for the upcoming death of Ultimate Spider-man? Same design, just a different costume.

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