This week, we have a purchasing question for you.  Every Wednesday, comic shops around the country open up with brand new titles for you to pick up, and enjoy.  But do you pick up your comics on Wednesday, or is there another day during the week that you buy your four color fare?


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  1. I will get my comics at least with in a week unless its a Fables. Fables is the only book I will get on Wednesday and I’ll buy the rest later.

  2. Since my LCS is a hour away, and I don’t have the time or money to drive the 60 miles or so to go there every week, I make it every two weeks at the minimum, sometimes every three weeks, and go on Thrusdays since they have specials on them days.

  3. Wish there was a “I wait for the trades” option. I don’t go in for single issues any more. Floppies are too hard to keep track of and store.

  4. I buy them when ever they appear on the comixology app – cos i’m too lazy to get off my butt and physically go to the store – plus since i live in the UK, digital comics are far cheaper (damned shipping costs!)

  5. Wednesday, LCS is right on my walking path home. Good time to talk to friends and hang out. Unless of course, I’m on break.

  6. I order everything online and have it delivered. Much less trouble, that way, and it’s always almost guaranteed that what I want is in stock. I always fill out my order/pre-order the week before (as soon as the next week’s available orders goes up) and the order is then filled the day of release. I tend to receive all my books at the beginning of the following week (depending on holidays and such). No muss. No fuss.

  7. I’m pretty much a “once a month” shopper. In the past 10 years I’ve really cut back on my comics purchases. When I changed comic stores my current store never gives out Previews, so I don’t have the pre-built excitement for weekly books. In a self-perpetuating cycle, I’m an extremely small mark…err customer for them.

    BTW, I really miss when Friday was new comic day. (I can’t say I appreciated the irregular distribution via the newstand at all). Anyone want to comment on the “migration” of New Comic day?

  8. I don’t have the income to buy comics regularly. I wait for the trade and buy the stories I am interested in all at once. I can usually pick one up every couple of months, but I usually pick up multiple books at one time.

  9. I buy on Wednesday on the way home. I’ve found that if I wait a day or so, some of the items I want that aren’t on my pull list may be gone.

  10. I get mine monthly. That’s the minimum requirement for my LCS to maintain your pull list; they’re pretty lenient and will make arrangements for anyone who can’t do this but wants to keep it, since a good chunk of their business comes from enlisted people at a nearby Army base.

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