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Celestial Crusade

This episode: Time for a fight of epic proportions! WHITE DRAGON IN DA’ HOUSE!


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  1. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but these photos would have been a lot more useful if they were posted 12 hours ago when the podcast was released. Why is there always such a long delay?

    • The show is officially released when it appears on this website, along with any and all images. If you are downloading and listening to it early, great, but you are getting it early, along with all the disadvantages that go with that.

      • So why is the RSS feed always updated way too early then? The RSS therefor has non-working links for 12 hours until the website is updated. Only the attachments works during that time. They ought to be updated at the same time.

        • It doesn’t update way early. It updates when we post it. AND we let people who absolutely want to listen to the show early know that it is available, but the cost is no images until the official post arrives. If you don’t like that, then I’m sorry, but that is the way we’ve done it, and the way we will always do it.

          • I’m not trying to start an argument, I’m just trying to understand the process. Can you explain why the two are not published at the same time? You make it sound like it’s a *decision*, not a technical limitation, such as iTunes being unpredictable. The fact that the RSS has proper links to the article long before it’s available seems to indicate that the article already exists but just hasn’t been published yet.

            • I’m not trying to start an argument, I’m just trying to understand the process. Can you explain why the two are not published at the same time? You make it sound like it’s a *decision*, not a technical limitation, such as iTunes being unpredictable. The fact that the RSS has proper links to the article long before it’s available seems to indicate that the article already exists but just hasn’t been published yet.

              Again, the feed has the audio portion of the show before the site does for those listeners who absolutely cannot wait, and exists as a kind of bonus for those onboard with the entire Major Spoilers Experience. The actual article on the site goes live pretty much the same time every week. As I understand it, it’s not a question of “too early,” rather that those who subscribe to the RSS feed get early access to the material, a pre-release, if you will.

              As for the existence of the article, it is possible to create a link DAYS in advance, even for an article that doesn’t exist yet, thanks to the magic of seeekrit intarwebz magic (and the way the website works.)

              In either case, thank you for listening and supporting the show. :)

  2. lol guys, it’s not breaking the podcasts up in general that I questioned, but they sometimes feel sudden when they are in the middle of the action, like when I wrote essays in high school and got to the word limit and then for no real reason the essay was over. But I freely admit that I’m not normal, so when you explained why you break things up, it makes sense. Heck, I even told you guys last week that where you ended it was really awesome.

    It’s a your millage may vary thing… I listen to podcasts way more than I listen to music. Any time I go anywhere I’m probably listening to one, so longer podcasts don’t bother me, but for people who want to listen to the whole thing in a commute, it makes sense to have them be a certain length.

    But you guys are amazing, so I don’t want to sound like a critic. Just the opposite.

    Listening to CH has gotten me into D&D twice over the entire run of the podcast, once in RL (although that was 3.5 there was lots of transferrable knowledge I picked up through CH) with my old roommate and some friends, and again on the MS Forums after I moved away (my first experience with 4E). I listen to all your podcasts the second they are available, so the Major Spoilers Experience has me hooked for good, and that’s because you guys have two great podcasts that are consistently, informative, entertaining and the funniest parts of my week. Keep up the great work.

  3. litanyofthieves on

    Alright, who pissed off the dice gods? Was it you, Rob? Did you forget to roll all the 1’s out? Matthew, it might have been all your critical hits from before. Either way, melt some plastic, talk sweetly to your dice, make a sacrifice… just get those dice gods back on your side!

    • Yeah, Alex left my dice with a few of the other people he runs for on Fridays as such we were stuck just using his dice instead of mine. Also, Brian had lost his dice as well so we only had the one set between the two of us.

      • Yes bury a statue in the backyard or something! Bad Mojo! Thanks for the great episode guys! Fighting Dargons is always fun!.

        Matthew, keep up the good descriptions :D

  4. Thank you Critical Hit Crew!! I appreciate all of the entertainment that you provide. I enjoy the show immensely.


    BTW- You put up pics when you want.

  5. I facepalmed at Stephen looking up the monster mid-fight. That was a fun moment :)

    Thanks for sharing yet more of your campaign!

  6. XantharTheFlame on

    Awesome episode, guys! Lot’s of funny moments, but really good tension throughout as well. I was really worried for you guys for the first half of the battle, but then you got your awesome on and went to town.

    I loved Stephen’s “Heeeyyy, wait a sec… ” moment when he realized he could chain 3 actions together like that. And I loved Rob’s description of the mark of the Raven Queen… creepy!

    Speaking of marks, it occurred to me that if you had 2 characters who could mark (say 2 fighters for simplicity), could they not both mark the same target, and if they were flanking it, wouldn’t that target be at a very serious disadvantage? It couldn’t move or attack anyone without invoking immediate interrupt attacks from either one or both fighters, who have combat advantage. Right? Or am I missing something? That would be like pinball / whack-a-mole on the foe!

    Good decision not to actually kill it. Hope that plays favourably with Tiamat for you.

    Can’t wait for next week’s show!

    • Yeah, the mark a fighter, or any defender, puts on is a specific thing that states this creature takes the -2 to attacks not including whoever marked it and is superceded by any new mark. The “mark” Ket has is something else.

      • XantharTheFlame on

        Thanks for clearing that up, Rob. Makes sense now. I don’t actually have the 4e rule books. I haven’t actually played since 2nd ed. (Hey Mathew – what’s my THACO?), but am very familiar with the rules used in NWN & NWN2 which as I’m sure you know are based on 3 & 3.5. I got used to that, and I’m still not convinced about 4e even after listening to all the CH podcasts (huge fan!)

        The thing about 4e that bugs me the most just from listening to you guys is the way all the spells and how wizards work is completely changed (they gutted magic missle and fireball if you ask me – not nearly as good). I’m also having a hard time with how everyone has these “powers” that all seem to work basically the same way no matter what type of character you play — it’s just the fundamentals in what the attack / power is all about (the flavor) and how the damage is justified seem to be different. And you can only use 1 daily power per encounter even if you have more than 1? What’s up with that? I don’t know, maybe I’m just an old fart that can’t handle change anymore.

        All that being said, it’s still obvious that the role playing is still very much a part of the game (thank God!), and you guys are still obviously enjoying it, so it can’t be as bad as the old geezer in my brain says it must be.

        • What I often tell people coming in from older editions is that you have to treat 4th edition as a brand new game. They didn’t change Magic Missiles, they made a new power and called it “Magic Missiles.” They didn’t change the way fighters work, they made a new class and called it “Fighter.” They Didn’t change D&D, they made a new game and called it D&D… just like every edition.

          As far as dailies, that only applies to “item” dailies. Meaning the once-per-day uses of Magic items. You only get one per day at Heroic tier, two at paragon and three at epic. Daily powers from the player’s classes and other features are only capped by the fact that each can only be used once per day.

          • They Didn’t change D&D, they made a new game and called it D&D… just like every edition.

            This time is much more noticeable than previous, in my opinion. And moreover, their new D&D has an awful lot in common with their old Magic: The Gathering, as well. :)

          • XantharTheFlame on


            Yeah, I see what you mean. It is difficult to make the leap to the new way of thinking at first. If I played 4e I’d probably get into it just as much as any previous edition. It’s all about what you are used to I guess. In the end, as long as the role playing and story telling are still fun (and that is obviously true), and the game is balanced, that’s all that really matters. It’s hard not to compare though! :-)


            Luckily for me, I never played Magic: The Gathering, so at least I wouldn’t be comparing 4e to 2 games! In a way, Stephen had to overcome something similar in that he kept referring to his experience with WoW early on. As this campaign goes on, I notice neither he nor you are making observations on how 4e is different from what you used to know and enjoy — which is pretty convincing in the end (at least to me) that 4e is worth a shot.

            Thanks to all for your feedback, and for doing this podcast!

  7. TheGeekFather on

    Enjoyed the episode….I liked the single episode for the solo boss fight. It went a little long but was worth it. The interaction between the group is what makes the pods really enjoyable….You guys rock….Should have killed the dragon and made Ket a dragon skin purse.

  8. Hey guys wonderful show as always. I wanted to say it’s because of your show that I got back into playing Dungeons & Dragons (on Skype no less). I played a little D&D 3.5 back in high school very little, and I really didn’t understand the format, the rules, the turns, etc. Even though I’ve been following your show since episode 1 I’m re-listening to the episodes, taking notes as I do so – and even mock fighting out your entire campaign bit by bit so I can follow along and understand it better. I have to say – Matthew seems to be a player much like myself. Thinking outside the box – but staying in character a lot of the time. I’m an aspiring voice actor and animator and hearing Matthew on critical hit is just superb. Keep up the great work Tork! Btw have you guys checked out the random dungeon generator that Wizards Of The Coast has up on their webpage? I hit my stumble button on firefox and it jumped to the page. Pretty interesting really since you can auto-design it with the monster resources you want. Thanks again guys – be sure to have plenty of dice on hand.

  9. Loved the slightly broken voice of the Dragon, he sounded like a pimply fat guy wanting his mom to allow him to live in her basement again. I can just see Keth doing a face-palm and everyone else stop and blink for a couple of seconds when 7 Owls throws the fork and it juts lands at the Dragon’s feet, it was like trying to kill an elephant with a nerf ball and not been able to even throw it hard enough for it to reach it.

    I wonder if Tiamat will have Torq kill her kid as a show of loyalty, can’t wait for Saturday.

    • AxiomaticBadger on

      Really? I had more of a webcomic-y image of
      Panel 1 – “Hey mom! look what I can do! You’re not looking mom!”
      Panel 2 – Dragon has look of mild annoyance as ladle comes from off screen to hit it in the snout.
      Panel 3 – Dragon has look of shock and horror as Rabid Torq comes from off screen to hit it in the snout.

      Sooo… Are we allowed to guess future plot twists here, or will that result in me being devoured by the bloodthirst demon hordes of the Grey Wastes and/or Brian?

  10. Awesome job as always. Fighting dragons always been someting special in D&D. I love the fact that WotC built it’s system so you can fight them at almost any level in the 4e system. Good job with the voice acting as well. Sometimes you don’t need a big change in your voice to make a difference.

  11. Burdock Haste on

    Though it has little to do with this episode, I would like to pass along my thanks. I work a fairly dull (at least mentally) job, and the since discovering the podcast I have been having far more fun at work. One word of warning to those who want to listen at work…occasionally you will burst out laughing for very little reason at all (recently for me it was just Matthew laughing like a madman – it made me laugh too) I’ve played a heavily house-ruled 2nd ed game with a Torq-type character, I’ve played with an Orem-type character, and you guys ALL bring back the good times of great roleplaying. Keep up the good work…Brian, I have a great 20 for you if you want:)

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