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Dark, thrilling and “superb, verging on Brilliant” ( is the new action crime-drama Winter City. “Sensational start. Promises to be a very solid graphic novel!” (

Winter City tells the chilling story of a serial killer, seeking bloody vengeance guised as the Grim Reaper; a frozen city without a soul on the verge of an apocalypse and two hardened homicide detectives desperately clinging to their own sanity while they hunt down a most terrifying psychopath.

“We really want to create a new breed of psychopathic vigilante” said Patrick Purcell, producer and co-writer of Winter City. “Our audience will grow to understand and sympathise with the antagonist; is he really the antagonist?”

This sinister and gripping story is enhanced by the powerful artwork. The vivid and menacing illustrations, inks and colours will satisfy the most critical graphic novel readers.

The time, love and effort that has gone into the art and writing for Winter City is evident within every page. These artists know the comic media, resulting in a comic that is sure to draw readers in and keep them wanting more.

Anyone who enjoyed Se7en or the Hannibal Lecter films will surely enjoy the brutal and thrilling Winter City saga.

The first issue is available to read for free at Readers can also purchase a printed copy from IndyPlanet and a digital copy will soon be available for iPad and other Tablets.

Winter City Issue 1 Online

Winter City from

Editor: Patrick Purcell
Publisher: Winter City Productions Pty. Ltd.
Writers: Patrick Purcell, Carl Purcell
Art and Colours: Pablo Verdugo Munoz, David Aravena Riquelme
Cover: Pablo Verdugo Munoz
Genre: Thriller, Psycho


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  1. hectorbustnuts on

    I only just discovered last weekend that the Purcells involved in this comic are my cousins!

    Pretty damn cool, I thought!

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