My Cock is Bigger than Your Cock (it's a chicken joke, you pervs)

This week on the show: Chickens that talk, elephants that get it on, and time traveling tales 15 years after the fact.


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Tomb Raider Getting Reboot

32 PAGES, FC, $3.50
Miki and Hip spend a night in.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

Perils of Picorna #1
Perils of Picorna is a six-issue fantasy comic series written by Amy Kaczmarowski and Rick Silva. It’s illustrated by Missy Pena, and published under Dandelion Studios’ new Quarterstaff fantasy imprint.

Rating: ★★★½☆

John Byrne Next Men #4
By John Byrne
Who is the mysterious figure in black, and why are the Next Men being victimized? Our fourth issue reveals the answers lie in a tale of disaster and destruction… that never happened!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Forget the fighting, forget the obscure references, this week we’re taking a look at the habits of the Major Spoilerite, and what you are reading beyond Marvel and DC.

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Jake Gallo is an angry young man, frustrated at his lack of employment and easily provoked by perceived slights. It is not until we are several pages into the book that we discover that he is also a talking, thinking chicken. He is no anomaly; decades earlier, all of chickenkind suddenly gained intelligence and speech; by the 2000s they are legally human. Jake’s father’s illness and subsequent death lead Jake to read his father’s account of the early days after the change; this in turn allows Alanguilan to show the reader the often horrific sequence of events that followed chickenkind’s sudden elevation to sapience. Used to seeing chickens as food or worse, humans are not shown at their best as they react, often violently, to this sudden alteration of the natural order.
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  1. Blackthunder01 on

    I just want to get something straight. There are 2 different Lara Croft’s. The video game Lara and the movie Lara. The movie version was pretty much Angelina’s movie where she got to do ever badass thing she wanted. When they made the second movie, Angelina actually handed the director a list of all the stunts she wanted to do and they worked them all into the script. That’s a big reason why the second movie sucked (but not the only one). Lara from the games and comics suffers from a severe distrust of people. She never recovered from losing her parents and became very distant because of it. Growing up, she quickly realized that men wanted her for her looks and title so she doesn’t foster many relationships. She later decides to use these attributes to her advantage. After they rebooted her, they made it so that her mother vanished in front of her eyes (after surviving a plane crash and finding their way into an old monastary) and her father was murdered years later trying to find his wife. In the original history, the 3 of them were in a plane crash in the mountains where she was the only survivor. The reason why she Raids Tombs is because she trusts the dead more than the living. She feels more at home in a cave than she does at a party. … So she does have a lot of emotional issues that she needs to work out. She also has a very firey temper and tends to like her violent side more than the average person should. She’s a great character that the movies never gave us a glimpse of. Sounds to me like Rodrigo might acutally like the Tomb Raider Trilogy that is coming out on 3/22/11 but like the reboot of the reboot that’s due out later this year even more. (The first series of games were more about the tombs than the character. The second generation was much more about the character. The comics … were 50/50 depending on who was writing it. Some of those issues were just plain horrible and some were incredible. If you want to read a good Tomb Raider trade, try Tomb Raider: Chasing Shangri-La. 2 stories, both probably her best stuff.)

    • Blackthunder01 on

      To clarify one of the major differences between the movie Lara and the game Lara, Movie Lara was cocky and badass for the sake of being that way where Game Lara would say cocky and badass things because she was pissed off and that’s just how it came out. Movie = said for effect and posturing. Game = said because she wants to murder you.

      • Blackthunder01 on

        … and this is why you should never type something before the conversation is done. Sounds to me like you guys want to see EXACTLY what the games give you. Everything you’ve mentioned is what the games are all about. Not the comics and not the movies. Lara has already encountered the Hand of Midas (first game), stopped the Scion of Atlantis from creating a “master race” (first game),took the Dagger of Xian back from the Itallian Mob after they used it to become an unstoppable dragon (Second game), stole the Spear of Destiny from the Russians (fifth game), awoken and had to lock up the evil god Horus (sixth game), found Excalibur and Mjornin and used them to find her way to Valhalla to find her mother (new Trilogy), and stopped an alchemist from destorying the world by reviving the ancient race of demon/human spawn called the Nephilim (Angel of Darkness).

        Lara is almost ALWAYS raiding tombs so that bad guys don’t get their hands on powerful objects. I don’t think there has ever been a game where she wasn’t a hero or where she was doing it for the sake of her own pleasure. Her main enemies seem to be Natla (last surviving Atlantean bent on bringing her Master Race to life), Amanda (childhood friend turned enemy when a tomb collapsed on her and Lara left her), and organized crime (Yakuza, the Mob, Russian Militia, etc).

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