We really don’t know what Marvel Studios will be offering up to theater goers once The Avengers movie is released in a couple of years.  Sure there is the popular Iron Man 3, the Spider-Man reboot, and the smaller budgeted Ant-Man and Luke Cage projects, but what about new exciting projects that will bring in a whole new group of movie goers to comic book properties?

Would the Inhumans work as a major motion picture?

That’s the rumor going around the Intardwebz as Badass Digest and On The Grid are reporting.

aliens who were put on Earth as sleeper cell aliens to eventually call back their race to take over the planet. Ultimately, the group of aliens fully assimilates and don’t want to cause war.

Personally, this sounds like the hardest project to sell, and unless there’s something we don’t know about the upcoming Avengers movie, general audience knowledge of these characters is going to be next to nothing, making it harder to bring them on board – especially since the alien invasion/visitation/communication genre has glutted theaters in recent years.

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  1. Blackthunder01 on

    Even if they threw Spiderman, Wolverine, Hulk and Captain America in the movie, I doubt they could sell tickets to a movie titled The Inhumans. No one knows them. I have a general knowledge about them and zero interest.

  2. Never gonna happen. No way a group of b-characters who can’t even hold their own book get any type of movie deal.

    This one’s dead in the water.

  3. I agree it’s a tough sell, especially with these character. However, I disagree about the alien invasion part. Within the last couple of months alone we’ve got “I Am Number Four”, “Paul” and “Battle: Los Angeles.” It’s the one premise no one seems to get tired of.

    Personally, I’d watch it – especially if they have Karnack!

  4. A lack of familiarity with the property doesn’t mean failure. Let’s not forget that Blade kicked off the modern super-hero wave and the reason why it was successful is that no one poo-pooed it for being a comic property, because no one knew.

    • Blackthunder01 on

      What do you mean by “modern super-hero wave”? Because I would think that Batman did that back in ’89.

      I think the reason why Blade was sucessful is because Wesley Snipes was still in his badass days and people liked the idea of seeing him kill vampires. Today, if we see anyone with super powers, well all pretty much assume it’s a comic property. My mom does at least. She thinks I Am Number Four was a comic book.

      • both the 70s-80s superman movies and the 80s-90s Batman movies were stand-alone successes. Sure, they spawned a couple of sequels, but the limited success of contemporary copycats indicates that they didn’t start the wave, so much as predate it.

        What I’m getting at is this: I’m willing to bet that if you watched Blade, Batman Begins and Tim Burton’s Batman you are likely to see more similarities (as far as pacing, theme, narrative, and cinematography) between Batman Begins and Blade than between Batman Begins and Batman.

  5. I always liked the Inhumans. I guess because I read their comic as a kid.

    Would it sell to audiences? Probably, depending on who’s in it and what sort of buzz the marketing department can generate.

  6. BlackThunder01,

    Batman did create a comic book movie wave back in 1989, but it fizzled out. I think Rodrigo is right in that Blade was largely responsible for the current comic book movie wave we find ourselves in. Blade’s success – for whatever reason – lead to Marvel putting together an X-Men film, and so on and so forth.

  7. I think I would have preferred introducing them in a rebooted Fantastic Four franchise/trliogy. Jumping into a large group of people few know alot about sounds tricky. It would make more sense to introduce them with better known characters even if it is one of the Avengers or something.

  8. Familiarity nitpicks aside, the characters are just too esoteric for a big summer movie. Mute king w/a scream of mass destruction & a queen w/living Godiva hair? Teleporting dog that may or may not have once been human? It might sound condescending, but your average summer movie schmuck barely has the patience for normal non-grossly-stereotyped characters, let alone ones as high concept & odd as the Inhumans. It just is too much of a stretch for the LCDs that are the target filmgoing market.

  9. Agree. This is a poor choice for Marvel. How about a Daredevil reboot or a Silver Surfer movie spin-off? Marvel has many more characters it could pursue instead of (yawn) . . .the Inhumans.

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