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  1. for me, there’s no Big 2, there’s a Big 4. Dark Horse and Image may distribute independant work, they still have multi-millions properties, not considering only comics.

    anyway, that’s just me.

  2. Blackthunder01 on

    I don’t read a whole lot of comics any more and when I do it’s only in trade form. Right now, I have only 2 books that I will go out of my way to get though; Buffy the Vampire Slayer and anything done by UDON Comics from their Street Fighter or Darkstalkers worlds. I chose “OTHER” because UDON Comics is the bigger draw for me and I recently bought 3 of their books while I only bought 1 of Buffy. That being said, I know UDON only has plans to put out 1 book in all of 2011 while I hope Buffy comes out with more than that. Ask me again next year and I’m sure my vote would change to Dark Horse.

  3. ClubberLang6 on

    I voted for Dynamite Entertainment because I like to read Zorro. (I started reading because of a review I heard a few months back by Rodrigo. Thanks Rodrigo!

  4. Pantsthemonkey on

    It’s really kind of a tie between Boom! Studios, Dark Horse and Dynamite. Boom! has Irredeemable and Incorruptible, Dark Horse has their Robert E. Howard line and Dynamite has The Boys and John Carter.

    I gave the nod to Boom! Studios ultimately. Though the books I mentioned from the other two have more spin-off, I am much more inclined to pick up a random trade from Boom (like Darkwing Duck, The Anchor, The Muppets)

  5. I had to pick Archie, but it’s not by choice. It’s all I can find in this area. And despite how cheerfully cheesy it is, it’s still better than nothing when I’m stuck in the hospital or emergency room.

  6. um….I don’t know who to pick.
    I try to get The Boys trades as soon as they come out.
    I picked up the first year of the new Doctor Who series (was Tennant, now Smith?) before realizing how absurd they were.
    I also finally caved and picked up the first two Invincible HC collections online, but haven’t had the extra $ to get more.

  7. Russell Catt on

    Thank goodness for Dark Horse. Between webcomic reprints, manga distribution and Usagi Yojimbo it has everything that I need when the big two fail me.

  8. Boom! For Irredeemable and Incorruptible. That’s it. But my pull list is small, New Avengers, Justice League: Generation Lost and those two are it for me.

  9. Image for Skullkickers, Dynamite for Red Sonja and Radical for the excellent Ryder on the Storm,Hot Wire and Driver for the Dead.

  10. A few years ago it would have been either VIZ or Dark Horse, but both of those companies have cut back on their manga lines, printing trade collections instead of monthly comics. Add to that the fact that the nearest comic book shop is a 150 mile round trip away and the high cost of gas, I don’t buy many comics any more. But I have found myself buying IDW’s Starstruck comics and quite a few of their classic comic strip collection in hardback! The only time I ever buy anything from Marvel or DC is when you recommend a particular trade collection that is above the big two’s normal quality. It would probably be a different story if we had a local comic shop.

  11. Currently I read the most from IDW with Locke & Key and Transformers, but 6 months ago when I had a larger budget for comics it was Boom! with Irredeemable, Incorruptible, Darkwing Duck, Duck Tales, Hexed (which I wish would come back for another run).

  12. Been buying Irredeemable, so I picked Boom!, but I’ve also (to a lesser degree) been buying a good degree of Top Shelf (Owly) and IDW (Locke and Key).

    Don’t even know what Image book I’d be interested in at this point. Still sad that local publisher Dynamite lost Hack/Slash to Image, but I was turned off by the book’s pin-up/cheesecake look. After the review you guys did, though, I may have to reconsider.

  13. I picked Image because of Walking Dead, Invincible, Chew and then some of the 1 shots or mini’s like Who is Jake Ellis & Sea Bear & Grizzly Shark. Overall though I get alot more from the smaller publishers like Image, Dark Horse, Boom & others then I do from the Big 2 in an average month.

  14. Camoren Jennings on

    After having a look back at the last 12 months of purchases it had to be Dark Horse, with Hellboy, BRPD, Abe Sapien and the Starwars: Old Republic series’ on my pull list.

    However I’d like to give special mention to Knights of the Dinner Table (by Kenzer and Company) which has been on my pull list since the single digit issues. Still entertaining after all these years.

  15. Girasol, original pulps: The Shadow, Doc Savage, The Spider: Master of Men among others. Moonstone Kolchak: The Night Stalker Sheena: Queen of the Jungle, Captain Action, The Phantom, The Avenger and so on. I find myself retreating from the DC,(exceptJonah Hex), Marvel, Top Cow, Image, Dark Horse(except reprints of Turok Dell, Gold Key), IDW(Transformers for now). I go though Diamond Catalog even though I look through it I end up not putting anything else on autopull anymore. For me the top ones that gets the most exposure in Diamond just don’t have the pull for me in story or art to purchase…..

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