MOVIE: Tomb Raider getting reboot


This is sure to make someone’s day, and ruin it for someone else – the Tomb Raider movie franchise is getting reboot at the hands of Graham King.  With all the rebooting going on with the Tomb Raider game series (and character histories), it was only a matter of time before the effects trickled down to the theater.

GK Films announced Monday that it has acquired the rights from Square Enix Ltd. and the company expects the new Lara Croft film to arrive in theaters in 2013.  What’s really interesting is this is not a new story. We reported on this a little over a year ago when Time Warner was trying to do something with the property.   Looks like they never found a way to bring the gaming franchise turned movie franchise to a new generation of movie goers.

Still, no new Lara has been tapped, which means it’s time for the casting couch H’wood hijinx to begin!

via Variety