GALLERY: Women of the DC Universe – Poison Ivy


Over the last decade, statues have been fighting comic books and trade paperbacks for shelf space in the Major Spoilers Nerd Room of Doom.  There’s something about a three dimensional sculpt that brings the four color character to life. But what good are these statues (limited run, mass produced, and so on), if you can’t share their beauty with others?

This week, we kick off a really long series of galleries of some of the statues in our vast collection, and we’re starting with the Women of the DC Universe.

Adam Hughes knows how to draw women that brings the wow factor to the page.  When those drawings are turned into statues/maquettes, the results are breathtaking.

(And before you ask, yes, you can click on the images for much larger views)

The detail in the sculpt is amazing as each leaf if fully formed.  The only drawback is the edging, where the flesh and leaf meet.  Hardly noticeable at a passing glance, but super close inspection reveals the paint job.

The same attention to detail appears in the hair.

While packaging has come a long way in ensuring the statue will not break, there is one fine hair point that did chip off in transit.  You may not be able to spot it, and I doubt others will as they admire the work.

I understand there are some people who are into feet and shoes, so here’s a closer look at that portion of the statue.  The statue comes in three parts; the body, the base, and the shovel, which attach via tiny wire posts.

Someone will use this as a wallpaper – good thing it is sized 1920×1200

And another for those who have their desktop items arranged on the right side of the screen.

The Women of the DC Universe is a fine line of statues, and though the price may be a bit high, it is worth it.