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Celestial Crusade

This episode: If you are going to go and meet a dragon, it might as well be the biggest dragon of them all.

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  1. Now that, is how to end an episode. :D Very cool developments. Thanks for asking about the dragonborn… Between a dragon deity, a dragon born and some drakes flying around, I thought it might have been the Isle of Dragons.

  2. That was awesome, did Rob listen to the Paragon Path episode before this? Because I clearly remember Rodrigo saying that Torq could multiclass into a cleric and that mechanically it would be simple but it would require a very particular in character explaination for why Torq would become a cleric. Keth’s plan is just perfect, “nothing could possiblye go wrong!” ;-)

  3. BavarianGnomes on

    I hope Torq chooses another patron deity besides Tiamat… multi-classing into Avenger would let Matthew roll two d20’s and using the better one against his “Oath of Emnity” until it dies, one target per encounter. But why not the deity of civilization? Erathis, tying in his origin story on the city watch?
    Great pods of casting as usual, thanks!

  4. I kinda hope Tiamat will trade Torq to Gruumsh for a few players to be named later. Slaughter/Strength/Survival seem more up his alley.

    Either way, I can imagine absolutely NO negative consequences of moving ahead with this choice… none at all.

  5. Ooooooh, pleace, don’t make Torq a multiclass divine Torq.
    I know Im tooo late, and that you have allready recorded the comming episodes – but I don’t get the fus about Torq being a divine Fighter.

    I think Torq would loose so much more than he would gain by joining a God.
    Just hope Matthew can pull it off without us loosing our old Torq.

    • With the way multi-classing works in 4e, Torq can only gain from multi-classing. Also, I don’t picture becoming a cleric of Tiamat changing our Torq all that much. Especially since actual service to the church is low on the list of the anointed of Tiamat.

  6. I surely hope :

    1. they all delayed there turn so that Seven Owls could open the gates of battle in the most efficent way… Or maybe he just went first. High Dex – could be.

    2. That there are minions in that battle. I think we haven’t seen minions in quite some time and a Monk is awesome against minions, especially the Wisdom Monk Stephen is playing right now.


  7. I re-listened to “Attack of the Jellyphoosh” last night. I thought there was no way Torq could top THAT roll. Boy was I wrong. From Moonhold Constable to Divine Cleric of Tiamat – way to move up in the world. This seems to be a whole new class of gambling for Ket, though. I guess that is how legends are made – gambling the fate of the world on a 3/4 orc fighter/cleric.

    My guess- she loves the idea and Torq goes from face to heel.

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