Maus II: And Now Our Troubles Begin

This week on the show: JSA doesn’t thrill, Maus II back for more, and Spawn vs. Hellboy! Plus: When it comes to indie comics, Rodrigo goes way out there.


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Dark Knight Splash Page going up for auction

Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #154
Rated T+ …$3.99

Rating: ★★★☆☆

The Perils of Picorna
In Issue 2, Picorna and Petrus find an important clue to the mystery of the vanished priestess, only to have it snatched from their grasp. Fortunately, the trail is not completely cold, and the two young acolytes soon find themselves in a race against time as they search a massive library for the information they need and their enemies begin to close in on them. Perils of Picorna #2 brings new friends, new foes, and of course plenty of new peril!

Rating: ★★★★☆

Justice Society of America #48
Written by MARC GUGGENHEIM; Art and Cover by SCOTT KOLINS
Nobody’s sure why they thought that the super-terrorist Scythe was working alone, but the JSA is about to learn the hard way that even bad guys have colleagues! Scythe is set free by the terror cell he’s been working with, and Monument Point may never get a chance to thrive before it – and all that the Justice Society stands for – is destroyed forever!

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆


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Maus II
Spiegelman’s Maus, A Survivor’s Tale (Pantheon, 1987) was a breakthrough, a comic book that gained widespread mainstream attention. The primary story of that book and of this sequel is the experience of Spiegelman’s father, Vladek, a Polish Jew who survived the concentration camps of Nazi Germany during World War II. This story is framed by Spiegelman’s getting the story from Vladek, which is in turn framed by Spiegelman’s working on the book after his father’s death and suffering the attendant anxiety and guilt, the ambivalence over the success of the first volume, and the difficulties of his “funny-animal” metaphor. (In both books, he draws the char acters as anthropomorphic animals– Jews are mice, Poles pigs, Germans cats, Americans dogs, and French frogs.) The interconnections and complex characterizations are engrossing, as are the vivid personal accounts of living in the camps. Maus and Maus . . . II are two of the most important works of comic art ever published.

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  1. hectorbustnuts on

    I had exactly the same thoughts as Stephen on hearing Judd Winick was doing a 3-issue run on “Batman & Robin”: “Great…another book I love down the dunny.” (after Green Arrow and Power Girl) Thankfully it’s only 3 issues and not ongoing.

    For Lovecraft, you really can’t beat the Penguin Modern Classics collected works:

    They’ve put the stories into, not chronological order, but an order that slowly builds your understanding of the mythos and some of the oddities of Lovecraft’s storytelling style so that when you hit the “big name” tales you’re not left floundering to understand what’s going on.

    Loved hearing your thoughts on “Maus II”. I loved the original and have been putting off getting the “sequel” for a long while.

  2. I haven’t listened to the podcast, but a certain audio book shop that I’ve purchased MP3s from has been offering readings of Lovecraft’s works as free downloads. IIRC you have to sign up to be mailed the link to the page, but it’s essentially web-robotic. If Google doesn’t help you find them, head over to the forums and ask out loud.

  3. Regarding the current JSA storyline that seems like it’s going on forever, Anyone recall “Thy Kingdom Come”? Forever and a freakin’ week.

  4. The rats in the walls!!!
    Also, if you’re a total hpl junkie and can’t read the core works any more or your eyes will bleed, check out chaosium’s mythos cycle series – works that inspired or were inspired by the master. The innsmouth cycle and the hastur cycle are particularly good.
    And also also, if anyone can remember off the top of their head what the title of the terrible movie is where one of hpl’s characters meets him in adream and winks out of existence, reply, would you? I’m starting to think I dreamed that…

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