DIGITAL COMICS: 100 Words features Gaiman/Lee collab


ComiXology has announced that 100 words, the collaboration project between Neil Gaiman and Jim Lee is now available as a digital download.

“From The Sandman and Black Orchid to Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?, Neil Gaiman has provided some of the most memorable stories of the comic book industry,” said Jim Lee. “This was a unique opportunity for the two of us to collaborate together and I’m thrilled that the story is now available for even more fans in this format.”

The seven-page poem can be purchased for a mere 99-cents through the DC App storefront.  Before you get all bent out of shape over the page-to-price ratio, DC is giving all the proceeds (meaning after Apple, Warner Bros., and the creators take their cut) to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.

via ComiXology