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  1. They wont get my money for this trash. I advise other movies companies if you want to learn how to rape a comic book then this movie is going to show you how to do it.

  2. I am optimistic. The trailer was very cool, and I think focusing the marketing on Magneto and Professor X is fairly astute: they are the highest profile characters in the film.

  3. Looks cool to me. I was hoping they would have more storyline of Magneto as a boy in the concentration camp. Looking forward to seeing this as much as Thor and Captain America. Lighten up people.

    • The difference between this franchise and the “Avengers” franchise is that despite some changes in the storylines and time-frames the characters are pretty much the same or at least a merger of the “classic” heroes with some “Ultimates” influence. Had this film focused on Xavier, Magneto and some of the pre-Xmen characters with the first class being Scott Summers, Jean Gray, Hank McCoy, Warren Worthington and Bobby Drake I’d be first in line. However, the writers of the first movies forced a “re-boot” by the characters selected for the first X-Men movie and then the time-lines of the Wolverine movie. Thus, this story seems “forced” to me. As far as “lightening up” just because someone drops FX money into a movie and slaps a comic title on it doesn’t mean that it should not be critiqued by comic fans. I will continue to crap on the first Punisher and “Daredevil” because they were simply bad. I had no problems with the changes in Iron Man, even with Jarvis being an AI instead of my second favorite “gentleman’s gentleman” in comics (Alfred Pennysworth will always be #1) because they still caught the essence of the character of Tony Stark and the abilities of the armor. From what I’ve seen so far they look to do the same with the Thor and Captain America movies. I enjoyed the Wolverine movie but the X-men movies have been so out of kilter with the characters in the comics that I feel they should bear criticism. However, unlike the infamous wrestling fan from “You Tube” (IT’S REAL TO ME!!!!) I won’t be losing any sleep because of this portrayal of Xavier and Magneto’s original “bromance” or their poor choice of “first class” characters.

      • This is in no way “X-Men: First Class”, it should have been called “X-Men: Origins” or to be even more honest “X-Men: They didn’t let us do Magneto: origins so this will have to do I guess”

  4. I’ve been a fan of comics most of my life.I don’t mind when stories are bent a bit to make it easy for anyone to see a comic adapted to the big screen.But so many comic book movies just try to pick out the best part of a franchise and make stories around it.Thats why so many people were turned off by X3 and Wolverine.Hollywood doesn’t get it that sometimes sticking to the original story is better than anything they can come up with.So reboot it right!
    Good Adaptions:Iron Man,Batman Begins,Dark Knight,SuperMan 1& 2;Incredible Hulk
    So so Adaptions:Spiderman1 and 2,superman returns,Xmen 1 and 2,Spawn,The Hulk and DareDevil,Batman,Batman Returns
    Bad Adaptions:X3;Wolverine;Superman3&4,Batman Forever,Batman and Robin,Electra,Fantastic four 1 &2, and any movie with Frank Castle
    Thor looks good and so does Green Lantern.Not sure about Captain America.
    Movies I’d love to see:Legion of Superheroes;Teen Titans,JLA;Avengers;X-Force/New Mutants;JSA
    Let the discussion begin!

    • Team movies would fail horribly on their own, you’d need to dedicate half the movie to introduce the characters. Which is why the Avengers movie is first doing movies on the members of the team.

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