Critical Hit: A Major Spoilers D and D podcast
Celestial Crusade

This episode: With the party split, it is time to find some allies for the upcoming battle.


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  1. So good to see the Other 3rd folks again! I’m interested in seeing a more gruff Dwarf chara for DND Brian, as well as see Stephen explore SOW.

    And what a great combo showing the friction between Torq and Ket! This is still my fave podcast on the net.

  2. Nice overall result. Stephen gets a chance to play a striker (I thought Rodrigo was reluctant to include overlapping roles, do you justify the twin strikers with the ranged/melee distinction?) and you get added depth to the Ket and Raven Queen relation. Plus the Pally in the other group can help take some of the healing burden off of the artificer.

    The Rob and Matthew banter again has me wondering how much of the dialogue is friendly nerd ribbing. One of the reasons I keep coming back to CH is that you all seem to genuinely have fun. I hope that is still the case.

    • I worry about that as well. It’s fun to hear Rob playing a character with a respectful disdain for Torq, but in this episode Rob sounded a little less than friendly. The same goes for Rob and Rodrigo- it was interesting to hear the mid-scene argument, and I think it’s a good thing to hear (for one, it dispels the illusion that all groups are as perfect as the Torqletones), but it was also a bit discouraging. I hope everything’s alright at the table.

      As for the subject of the discussion, both parties had good points. It’s generally a poor idea for a GM to dictate a character’s actions without good reason. On the other hand, Rodrigo had a good reason, he just didn’t reveal it early enough to avoid the tension that it produced.

      It sounds to me like Rob was just having an off day, and was set off by the GMing faux pas. It happens to everyone. If that’s the case, I hope ya feel better, buddy :)

      • I wouldn’t worry about anything… of course that is me… the rest of you should probably worry… After all, I know what happens next…

        Also keep in mind that Orem didn’t give these guys a Pod of Casting to record their adventures, so what you are hearing is a translation/adaptation of the events described much later. Kind of like Tolkien translating and transcribing the Hobbit from the source material… something might be lost in the translation that you are picking up on…

      • XantharTheFlame on

        I don’t think it was a GM faux pas at all, and I don’t think Rob was all that “tense” about it either. Rodrigo handled it just fine because he didn’t give Rob information about why his character couldn’t sleep, because his character didn’t know! The confusion for Rob was that Matthew and Brian (and maybe Rob himself) believed what Rodrigo was doing was giving him the opportunity to make up his own reason for the lack of sleep, which was not the case. I’d say the guys jumped to a conclusion.

        That being said, this happens from time to time in any game, and the “tension” here is likely just momentary. I doubt there are any problems at the table with this group.

        Great show as always guys! Keep ’em coming!

  3. Great show as always, half asleep Troq dancing on a table sound hilarious.

    P.S. You guys really have freshman hazing in high-school and college in the US? I always thought it was just some plot device used for movies, we don’t have anything like that in Canada. Well at least not in any school I know or heard of, military and police do that sort of thing but it’s very hush-hush.

    • I don’t think any of us experienced actual organized hazing, but it does happen. Once a year a news story floats to the surface about some prank gone horribly wrong or someone stepping forward to say they were abused in some way. It’s not as common as TV would have you believe but not as uncommon as Canadians think.

      • Really? That’s messed up, then again it’s a cultural thing and schools can be considered small comunities and rites of passage help to integrate new members I guess…

      • Hazing used to be a common, public practice, but in recent years it has been “outlawed” by the fraternal and sororital orders… that’s not saying it isn’t still being done, but the days of drinking ’til you puke, and having relations with sheep, while being whipped are supposedly over.

  4. Shouri Elemente on

    All i gotta say is that it would make 7 ladies dancing way more badass if that was the same bloodstains from before.

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