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  1. Ok, so why could they not just continue the thread started with First Flight. I’m not a Green Lantern fan really but I watched and enjoyed that movie. This just leaves me having to go through another origin.

        • Blackthunder01 on

          From everything I can tell, there are going to be 6 stories.

          1. The creation of the Green Lantern Corp as narrated by Hal Jordan.
          2. Abin Sur (showing off just how bad ass of a lantern he was)
          3. Kilowog (his years as a rookie taking orders from his drill instructor)
          4. Arisia (Hal Jordan conveys a story to the new recruits as they all wait in line to charge their rings at the battery preparing to fight Krona. She is a rookie at this time.)
          5. Mogo? (showing how he became a lantern in the first place. This was mentioned on the dvd but i forget the context. Perhaps it will be a story or perhaps they were just recalling some of their favorite stories.)
          6. Boodaka (sp)

          Hal Jordan will be the tie that binds through out all the stories.

          This is NOT in continuity with the previous movie. Everything I’ve stated here comes from the Extended First Look that came with the All Star Superman DVD.

          • Blackthunder01 on

            I’m begining to feel more and more that Mogo was probably just a passing story and not involved with the DVD at all. Most likely they’ll be telling Sinestro’s tale instead. They’ll probably show him as a lantern, him going rogue, then his Sinestro Corp.

  2. It’s like Batman: Gotham Knights with Green Lanterns – but it looks amazing. It’s not supposed to be connected with First Flight, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was – the character designs are nearly identical. Since it’s six interlocking stories, they could have some set before and some set after.

  3. Pay attention, Aubreii. Sinestro is running around with Abin Sur in what is obviously a flashback mission. After all if Abin is alive, then how could Hal possibly be using his ring? This is a sequel film with six interlocking stories past and present set against a big fight with what I’m guessing to be Krona.

    • List of villains:
      Bolphunga (bounty hunter with the sword)
      Krona (big yellow guy)
      Spider Guild (Bolphunga is from Recharge, so I guess those are the soldier dudes)
      Unknown villain Abin Sur is fighting…

      While looking for info I learned they are a making a Batman: Year One animated movie, you’d think Stephen would be all over that.

    • Keep Firefly from being canceled obviously. :P

      Loved his voice acting in this trailer. However, with the animation being so close to First Flight I would have preferred them to keep the same voice actors.

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