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  1. Regarding vampires versus zombies, some time ago I came up with a theory about how both of these stories work. Basically the vampire story is the same story as the zombie story. The only difference is that one is told from the perspective of the zombies, and the other is told from the perspective of the vampire(s).

    In zombie stories, it’s a small group of humans trying to survive in a world full of mindless, low-powered, overwhelmingly numerous zombies. The zombies are often compared to herd animals.

    In vampire stories, it’s a small group of vampires surviving in a world full of stupid, insensate, day-walking, fragile, overwhelmingly numerous humans. The vampires think of the humans as herd animals. A human by himself is no threat to a vampire, but if you were to encounter a huge group of humans, especially during the daytime, a vampire would be overwhelmed.

    So vampires and zombies are just two angles on the same story. Which is why it would be pretty awesome to somehow mash them together.

  2. Community is great, almost every episode of this season employs some kind of meta storytelling, and does it brilliantly. The Space Camp Episode, D&D, this week’s riff on Documentarys, and of course the Zombie episode all told really great stories with great characterization that isn’t undone by the meta/referential subplots.

    The Hub is the relaunch of the old Discovery Kids network in partnership with Hasbro which probably explains the Joe/Transformers eps…

  3. Wait what?? the Finding Nemo Theory dosent work because in the movie Nemo is captured and adopted by every day run of the mill humans… although I may be thinking of another movie (too many movies with talking animated fish >_<)

    • Maybe 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney was some kind of last pocket of civilization holding out against the apocalypse? Australia always seems to get armageddon late, based on movies I’ve seen…

      I bet the thunderdome is just a few blocks down from there.

  4. Also on a side note Wouldn’t the Avenger class be the most like a Jedi, they wear no armor primarily fight with a sword and have a bit of mind control and some almost telekinetic powers

  5. Hey guys, in regards to the question Dr. Peter Coogan asked about a comic about vampires and zombies, I’ve heard of one. It’s a webcomic called Last Blood. I haven’t read it but it’s been sitting in my bookmarks for the longest time in hopes that I would one day get a chance to go over it. Here’s the link.


  6. Stephen, you have to watch the D&D episode of Community as Professor Chang’s character looks just like the gal from The Dungeon Masters with blue skin and white hair. There are so many references in each episode to a variety of things, it’s hard to keep track.

  7. Worthy of note in the zombies v. vampires debate is an excellent 10-issue podcast audiodrama by Mur Lafferty called “The Takeover.”


    The action starts out as a small web-development company is subjected to a takeover by Zombinc, the Temp agency specializing in placing zombie workers. From there, it gets weird.

  8. OK that Community episode was hilarious, it should be required viewing for anyone that has an interest in DnD. There were so many lines in there, that made me laugh out loud.

    That sword took me 10 years and 50 campaigns to get, yeah well maybe I’ll wipe my ass with it and throw it off the cliff.

    Im the dungeon master, I have to remain impartial, or the game has no meaning.

    We will go to town and ask around about a Pegasus, huzzah.

  9. I agree with Rodrigo’s assessment of Young Justice. Superboy is okay, Aqualad is playing the levelheaded one, Artimus is the token bad girl with the checkered past, Kid Flash is too much like Flash from JLU but without the actual competence to back it up, and Megan is annoying. But Robin, cocky cyber hacker ninja Robin is a great direction to go with.

    However, I do like the fact that they have to engage with adults. My concern is that Superman and Superboy are going to make up quickly without a real character arc.

    • Well Kid Flash acting like the JLU Flash could come from the fact that they’re both Wally West…? I think M’ggan is cute as pie and really hate Artimus and Robin’s characters. (Robin not as much as Artimus though.)

  10. I don’t know about Vampires having to pick a side against Zombies, but I do know a comic book that has a Zombie fighting Vampires (and various other beasts) to save humans. The Living Corpse. It’s funny. :)

    Note to Rodrigo: Young Justice episode 4 (Drop Zone) only had 2 latin characters with lines. They were voiced by Danny Trejo (Bane) and Miguel Ferrer (the guy in the begining who put the challegne to Bane named L-1). Not sure they qualify for the “bad south american accent” comment you made. Btw … I love Danny Trejo’s Bane.

    • I don’t care if they were voiced by Simon Bolivar and Ernesto Guevara, their Spanish was terrible. It was grammatically incorrect and incorrectly pronounced. I don’t know, maybe the voice director cut after the first take and said “Ok, that was good, but this time, pretend you’re a teenager from Wisconsin who is trying to impress a girl from El Salvador by talking in Spanish while trying to swallow a whole bag of salted peanuts.”

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