The little one and I were out and about this afternoon, thanks to high blood sugar and Mommy’s intolerance of singing the “Froggy Went’A Courtin’ ” Song from Tom & Jerry, and we found something AMAZING!


While driving through the local college to look at their art buildings and satellite dishes, the kid and I happened upon a particularly entertaining ride…

Whatever enterprising genius put this together did a really good job, customizing the trunk lid with letters salvaged off other vehicles, and even detailing on the rear pillars…

She insisted that we try and find Batman to get his autograph, but I told her that he was probably teaching a criminology class…   It’s certainly a clever way to avoid spending 150 grand on a George Barris Batman replica.  Indeed, we at Major Spoilers salute you, Mister Boxy Mercury Sedan Modifier!  (Misterboxymercurysedanmodifiiiiieerrrrr!)


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    • Do they care as much about that in Kansas? In NJ they will nail you for having beads hanging from the rearview for obstructing the view.

    • I believe he’s more impressed by the ingenuity on the cheap rather than the flashyness. Having seen a smilar vehicle in my town yesterday painted to be a Reece’s Candy Wrapper (complete with graphic of said chocolate and peanut-butter with the unsanitary bite out of it) and a 1997 Ford Crown Victoria painted lemon yellow with 30″ rims, I’d say this person called it right.

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