Ducktales gets ongoing series


Here is some really good news to start off the morning.  BOOM! Studios has announced that Ducktales is coming back to the company as an all-new original ongoing series written by Warren Spector, the writer of the Epic Mickey video game.

“You want ducks? Oh, do we have ducks!” says BOOM! Studios Marketing Director Chip Mosher. “We’re taking you back to one of the most celebrated Disney Afternoon series ever aired! And with a creative powerhouse like Warren Spector and fantastic art from Miquel Pujol, this series is sure to be jam-packed with duck adventures no DUCKTALES fans will want to miss!”

This is something I’m really looking forward to.  Ducktales was one of my favorite television shows when I was getting back into animation during the late ’80s and early ’90s.  And the fact that BOOM! gets to keep the property, instead of having it float off to a Disney subsidiary makes my day as well.

The first issue of the all-new Ducktales arrives in May!

via BOOM! Studios