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  1. Overall I actually liked it. Not quite what I think Lion-O should look and sound like, but I could get into it. Would have loved to have seen this become a finished project.

  2. Exactly, Rodriguo.

    I always thought Lion-O could use a little more personality, but this looks like overkill.

    Very cool animation though – I liked the direction and style despite the corny lines.

  3. Wait, I thought Lion-O didn’t “come of age”, I thought he was a kid who was in a suspended animation pod that busted, keeping him alive but aging…

    Or am I remembering wrong?

    • From what I remember from the DVD’s that Warner Brothers put out. The Suspention Capsules regardless there was some aging that occured, That’s why Jaga piloted the ship most of the way, because he was already too old,(from what I remember Jaga looked like he was in his late 60’s and you don’t really know what the age of Thundercats when they past on but it seems close to the age of a human{in 1985-86 median age was between 65 and 75}), and would have died in the capsule anyway….

  4. I liked it. Animation’s solid and atmospheric. Pretty good for something that’s intended to be a serialized show.
    And I like Lion-O’s immature attitude. I re-watched the first few episodes of the original series the other day and when he ages inside the suspension chamber, he comes out almost fully formed. Like he went in a child and came out a He-Man clone. I was thinking it seemed like a wasted opportunity in characterization. A boy suddenly coming out a warrior-king and built like Conan. There’s a lot of mileage there in a wish-fulfillment character that the original Thunder Cats just never tapped into. A lot of Billy Batson type fun.

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