While many of the Polls of the Week have focused on fisticuffs between heroes (or villains), or which franchise is better than the other.  This week, instead of throwing players in a ring and having them duke it out, we’re asking you to sit and think.

Teams and organizations are always trying to grow their membership. In the case of the Jedi and the Green Lantern Corps, membership is limited, but each have their privileges.  We want to know which would you rather be a member of?


Which group would you most want to be a member of?

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  1. Seen how jedi are all dead save Luke by the end of Return I’de go with the GLs, thou that lightsaber is a mighty fine weapon… In a fight it might be fairly fair, that is until Mogo joins the fray, I doubt all the Jedi in the galaxy can stop a sentient planet with a power ring.

    P.S. Humm, both teams have a 99% mortality rate and I sorta value my continued existence, another team less detrimental to ones health would be nice.

    • The Jedi have a sentient planet too, Zonama Sekot. While it isn’t a Jedi, it practices a belief taught to it by an offshoot of Jedi that believed the Force itself was neither good nor evil and only the actions/intent (and labels) are what separated light and dark sides.

      • Clone Wars lore or books? I think Clone Wars is “cannon” and books are not then again I only count the movies but that’s just me.

        • Zonama Sekot was in the novels, but the whole “canon” thing is ambiguous. Some people only count movies, some only count movies and books, etc. Lucasfilm has said that there are a few separate types of “canon” (G-Canon, C-Canon, S-Canon, and T-Canon are the “official” multiverse of canon as well as N-Canon which is non-canon like Lego Star Wars, the Soul Calubur games and the “Infinities” comics ((Sort of ‘What If?’ comics)) ), but many of the things from the books have been used in the prequels, Clone Wars and the games that are considered G-canon (the one Lucas himself declares canon, including KOTOR and the current Clone Wars animated) and C-Canon (“actual” canon, which includes G-Canon and some of the Expanded Universe).

  2. If it is the old Jedi order as you insinuate in your picture, I would HATE to be a part of it, as you have to be unfeeling, and basically a priest, which is boring. The GLC however are hindered only by the blue raisins and their ability to overcome fear, but having an imagination and feelings is a good thing!

  3. I pick the Green Lantern Core since the ring is more useful and the rules are less strict. One really bad decision as a Jedi can lead to a really bad skin condition and sickly yellow eyes not to mention dementia. Also, being a Jedi forces you into celibacy and that’s definite deal-breaker for me. ;p

  4. Tough choice. Members of both groups have incredible powers and some limitations, either from the guardians or having to use the light side of the force. I voted for the Jedi mainly because llightsabers are cool! .

    And i don’t really care for rings.

  5. I have to give the nod to the GLC. I might qualify for the Corps but I am totally lacking in Force powers. I know because I’ve tried!

  6. Wow talk about choosing your favorite child…at least for me. This is a very tough one. Both sides have awesome powers with limits and weaknesses to work around. If we have to stay with the group, give me my ring and I will gladly say the oath. Otherwise i will wave to the Jedi Console as I cross to the dark side and get my cookies :)

  7. litanyofthieves on

    I struggled with this choice for a while, but frankly the Lantern Corps are a bit to military-oriented for me. Plus the whole “badass monk” thing is probably my favorite part. I don’t think Jedi have to remain celibate – the only stipulation was that a Jedi could not know love – plus I’m sure that with mastery of the Force, I probably wouldn’t even need sex partners any more. (Was that a TMI? Probably)

  8. GLC definitely, while I’m in no shape to be a cop, the rings do posses more power and are not as bound to personal rules, like cannot marry.

  9. Had to choose GLC.

    Never was a fan of SW (I know…I’m the exception among geeks…), and Green Lanterns do seems to have more fun and enjoy the universe more. Jedis are kinda stuck using ships and all, while GL members can go where they want when they want…

    And who wouldn’t want to have a beer with Guy Gardner??

  10. This was a tough choice. Two of my favorite things…. Sorta.

    In the end I chose GL, but only because if I were a Force user, I wouldn’t be a Jedi anyway. I’d move to Dathomir and set up in one of the villages and have a pet Rancor (named Scruffy).

    As a GL, I’d… probably try to find a world like Dathomir and became the GL of that sector, with a sidekick (named Scruffy).

  11. I chose Green Lantern Corp for one simple reason: If I joined the Jedi, then I’d be nothing more than a service worker. I don’t have any mediclorians in my body so I wouldn’t be able to actually BE a jedi. Which would suck. However, I can wear a ring.

    Another way I looked at this question is this: If I decided to go evil, who has the better team? For the GL side, I could choose Red Lanterns, Black Lanterns, or the Sinestro Corp. Perhaps I could make a play for Orange Lantern if I wanted to. Being a Sith is all good and fine, but I’d have to start at apprentice level and as you all know … they don’t have very long life spans.

  12. Power Source:

    GL: Ring powered by a primordial being in a giant battery and controled by my will. The ring also has some sort of intelligence that likes to tell me how screwed I am and restrict my behavior.

    Jedi: An pervasive energy field that is in every section of the universe. And causes a larger midichlorian count.


    GL: Umm… Everyone at some point.

    Jedi: The Sith. Who are dark Jedi with a culture. So distilled down, Jedi.


    GL: Set power limit, imagination, will power and a code that’s in a book noone reads.

    Jedi: Depends on the teller. In the old West End Games, Yoda could throw the Death Star with a good force roll. And as I distilled above, Sith are a form of Jedi.

    So I picked the Jedi. Because Sun Crusher versus Mogo. And Jedi can kill.

  13. I had to go with Jedi, Green Lantern rookies have a higher casualty rate than even Red Shirts from the original Star Trek series. Given, Jedi aren’t much better, but I’ll take that chance.

  14. Why must you make us choose?!? Damn this is hard. Both power sets are based on willpower and intelligence. Both, basically have the entire galaxy hating on them. One has a ring that can manifest anything to you think of, the other has a sword that can cut through anything (almost).

    Saying you get past the ‘rookie’ phase of each organization…..I have to go with GLC because of one big issue. GL’s are really powerful, it doesn’t matter who’s writing them. Jedi, on the other hand, can go from near god like beings, to a cannon fodder for Clone Troopers in as little time as Lucas needs a plot device.

    Plus the GL’s can fly through space. And I look good in green.

  15. Jedi.

    Without their rings GL are nothing. A Jedi is as great as his mastery of the force.

    If you took away each primary weapon who would win then? I think we know.

      • In the books that the ysalamiri were introduced, Luke still had his skills and knowledge and survived on their planet. The Sinestro War had a small part that involved sniping. I think a Jedi could snipe a hand off.

        • Brian’s right, even with the Force unaccessable, some Jedi have skills that make them formidable even without the Force. The Jedi themselves have even used the Ysalamiri to hide themselves from other Force users in able to get close enough (Leia’s daughter was one of a few in a ship with them to “hide” from her twin brother, who had gone Dark Side).

          But the same could be said for many GL members as well. Take away the ring, you still have a being that might be a formidable hand-to-hand combatant or an expert sniper or any other number of skills.

          In sense, both of them are less about the tool and more about how they are used.

  16. I chose the Green Lantern Corps

    Yes the mortality rates for new Poozers are high, but that is offset because:
    1) you don’t need any special craft or vehicle to get around the galaxy, let alone the world you’re on.
    2) now with the book of Oa having been rewritten, you can kill if necessary, just like the jedi.
    3) I could use my power ring to create a lightsaber and hack through enemies.
    4) I would rather learn from Kilowog than Yoda as he doesn’t hesitate most times to join the fracas…

    And many more.

    Love the podcasts (MSP and Critical hit)! You guys get me through some mind-bendingly boring days working data entry.

  17. Green Lantern. I could still be me and not have to buy into the Jedi dogma. Plus, being a Green Lantern puts me at pretty good odds at scoring with a Star Sapphire.

  18. Green Lantern all the way! The Force is basically telekinesis with some bells and whistles, and a lightsaber is just a cool sword which doubles as a flashlight. Green Lantern ring, on the other hand, is all about imagination and creativity. Just think about the possibilities!

    • Luke married Mara Jade. And during the time of the prequels, there was a school run by Jedi Master Djinn Altis that allowed families and attachment (they followed an older, less strict version of the Jedi teachings and didn’t believe attachment was bad in and of itself).

  19. Lawrence Cabrera on

    I picked Jedi. After all, jedi always have their powers even when their light saber is knocked away. Green Lanterns are powerless with out their rings.

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