WWE wrestlers Shad Gaspard and Mark Copani have teamed for their own original graphic novel featuring the team called “The Horsemen”.  Gaspard posted a first look at the characters via Twitter, featuring the art by Eder Messiah.

From Left to Right
“The Horsemen of War”

The deadly duo of pain, JUN BO & CHIN BO ZHENG are without a doubt the most skilled warriors known to man. Former Triads, they were arrested for murder in China. They were waiting to face death; until their unexpected escape from prison with Lorenzo’s help. Upon their arrival to New York City, Lorenzo enlisted them as his “Horsemen of War.” He also knights them Commanders to his personal army of 100 men. The Zheng’s fight using WUSHU KUNG FU, synchronized and precise. JUN BO favors a JIAN, or double-edged Chinese sword.  CHIN BO a SANJIEGUN, or three-section staff, like a nunchuck.

Gender: Male                                                              Age: 31yrs & 35yrs (In book #1: 21yrs & 25yrs)
Ethnicity: Asian (Chinese)                                     Height: 5’10”
Body type: Athletic

“The Horseman Of Death”

A street orphan, DONOVAN BRADDOCK was rescued form the streets, and raised by a former Yakuza assassin, MASUTATSU CHOI. MASUTATSU CHOI trained DONOVAN to be a professional assassin and a formidable warrior. After MASUTATSU CHOI’S death, DONOVAN had become LORENZO’s “Horseman Of Death,” a position of high power. DONOVAN was used to enforce LORENZO’S will on his enemies. But after DONOVAN meets JASMINE, his life changed.

Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Black/African American            Height: 6’6”
Body type: Body builder

“The Horsemen of Pestilence”

The best trick the devil ever played was to convince the world he never existed. But he is alive and well in the form of LORENZO DIPOLI. Handsome, psychotic, and drug addicted, he is the son of a former New York State senator and The leader of “The Horsemen,” he is known to a select few in the criminal under world as “The Horsemen of Pestilence”. Sinisterly sexy, impeccably dressed, cunningly intelligent, he speaks six languages, and has an utter lack of morels, he is responsible for numerous murders. With his Horsemen by his side he plans to corrupts the city’s government, and knights himself ruler of the city’s criminal underworld.

Gender: Male                                                             Age: 36yrs (In book #1: 26 yrs)
Ethnicity: White/ Caucasian                                     Height: 6’4”
Body type: Slim/Slender Body builder

“The Horseman of Famine”

A mountain of muscle and a master of pain, BROCK MAGNUS is “The Horseman of Famine”. One half Italian, one half Russian, BROCK grew up surrounded by hardship and violence. Growing up in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen, he earned a reputation as an enforcer for hire by both Italian and Russian mafia. During his free time, he builds his physique to peak human capacity with steroids, and is an accomplished cage fighter. Brock fights like a BRAWLER and a PRO WRESTLER.  His style is raw, violent, and aggressive.  His weapon of preference is a shotgun, because like him it’s explosive and doesn’t care what it destroys.

Gender: Male                                                              Age: 38yrs (In book #1: 28yrs)
Ethnicity: White/ Caucasian                                     Height: 7’0”
Body type: Body builder

via Shad “The Beast” Gaspard


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    The Horseman of Famine?
    From what I’am seeing theirs nothing Faminey about him.
    seems more like The Horseman of steroids, Meat, and Raw Eggs

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