Image Comics Sneak Peek: Elephantmen #30


Image Comics sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of Elephantmen #30, that not only features a J. Scott Campbell cover, but also has a mature label tagged on it as well.

In regards to the Mature Reader label, writer Richard Starkings said, “Right from the beginning I wanted to show that the Elephantmen were attractive to women, and attracted to women. When Ladrönn and I launched HIP FLASK, we decided very definitely that the book would be R rated, and I think ELEPHANTMEN #30 has to carry the actual rating, because there are scenes in the issue which will raise some eyebrows.”

Starkings added, “I do like that Miki is very much the proactive partner in the relationship, because some girls in the real world do like to let guys know that they’re interested — they like to lead, they like to be in control, and Miki is one of those girls. She’s comfortable with her sexuality and in this issue she shows it. And in the next one too, so it looks like the “Mature Readers” label will stay!”

Elephantmen #30 arrives March 09, 2011, and has a $3.50 cover price.

via Image Comics