This year’s G.I. Joe line isn’t filled with quantity but Hasbro is making an effort to focus more on quality. With the 30th anniversary of the “G.I. Joe Versus Cobra” storyline coming up fast, Hasbro is looking to reinvent some old favorites while re-launching the 12 inch line for a new generation of toy fans.

This year’s 3.75” Joe figures will include classic characters like Flint, Duke, Storm Shadow and SGT. Stalker to commemorate 30 years of Joe. There will also be “G.I. Joe Renegades” figures to be released alongside the new animated show. These figures will run around $6.99 each. Hasbro made it a point during their presentation to detail how closely they listen to internet feedback when it comes to which characters to release and there are definitely some crowd pleasers in these waves. Trust me, there is no way that you won’t fall in love with the new Croc Master toy.

The 12 inch Real American Hero ($19.99 each) line is back with figures such as a Firefighter, Police officer, National Guardsman, and a Marine. These figures are designed with the younger kids in mind and will focus on proactive heroes who help their communities in real life rather than the fisticuffs usually associated with Joe.

However, the most exciting news came when it was announced that there will be a 12” U.S. Army Paratrooper figure released ($24.99) and the rerelease of the Skystriker Jet ($29.99)

Hasbro’s venerable G.I. Joe line has always had a knack for reinvention and this is what they’re doing again this year. They are taking characters they everyone knows and loves and are injecting new life into them all while still trying to please longtime fans.


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