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Celestial Crusade

Rule #1: Don’t Split the Party! This Episode: We Split the Party.

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  1. In the second half ? Did you speed up the audio ? Just when this bird guy started to speak there was this funny voice rodrigo did. I thought “yeah cool, nice voice for a bird guy” but then i realized it was everywhere.

    It took me a bit out of it but still i had a lot of fun.

    A guess : We won’T see the other 1/3 characters. That would have been a problem with Rob and Stephen anyway.
    When we would have seen this characters we would have 2 Strikers (Ket and Seven Owls) in the one party and two Controllers (Glaa and Orem) in the other…

    Seems like you won’t have that problem.

    Praion (playing Dresden Files insteadt of DnD right now)

    • Yeah, around minute 37 someone started playing with helium or something…

      Great episode, can’t wait to see what Ket’s deal is.

  2. I was waiting shortly after Matthew’s captain Stubing reference to say to Orem,”I’m Captain Ned of the Raging Queen. So tell me, are there any MALES with you?” I’m really looking forward to Rodrigo’s interpretation of the evil gods. Looks like many great episodes ahead!

  3. The most recent episodes have been some of my favorite episodes of the series. Just because of vivid descriptions from Rodrigo and the great RPing from the rest of the gang. Keep it up guys. Randus is still da best!!!!!

    Ps- Matthew, when i picture Torq with the arena title belt, I picture him doing Goldberg’s WCW entrance. Awesome!

  4. Big ups for both bards (at least in 3.5) and malks. While rogues may rule for physical infiltration, the combo of high skill ranks plus sorcerer-style spell-casting means bards can talk their way in anywhere! And malkavians may be crazy, but they’re crazy like foxes, get obfuscate and auspex (the bomb discipline combo) AND, if you’re lucky enough to have a GM in the know, access to the malkavian madness network.

    Cool ships. Spelljammer anyone?

  5. I liked the Kingdom of Loathing reference Mathew. Couldn’t hear it while it was being recorded as I don’t get a headset. I spent a lot of time with that game once upon a time in college.

  6. Oh, boy… the ‘Tones have taken in another person with a past that will probably end up trying to kill them. Did they not learn their lesson after what happened with / to Smith? Now Ket is keeping secrets from them too, although Torq knows something is up, so he can keep an eye out for any more freaky black human-shaped thingers. Having the party split is going to be interesting for the narrative. Rodrigo has gotten pretty good at bouncing back and forth between groups’ but this seems like a much more long term thing. Interesting times indeed.

  7. Best moment of the episode:

    *Orem rolls a motivational speech check aimed at te interns*
    Orem: Take a look to the left, take a look to the right, one of you won’t be returning”
    *Orem rolled a nat one, epic fail!*

    I can’t help but imagine that one intern clapping at this and then asking another fellow intern “what did he say? I didn’t catch that last part…”

  8. Just out of curiosity, I’ve heard Rodrigo refer to the original continent Moonhold and Diamondthrone were on as both the Western Continent and the Central one. Is one of them definitely correct? When I write Fanfiction I prefer to have every piece of information accurate and as canon as a fan can make it.

  9. That’s it! My OCD can’t allow me to keep my mouth shut anymore!

    Torq was given the two vials of lvl 11 Alchemist Fire in episode 72, Rob’s thinking was that since they explode in a burst he could use them to not only damage the enemies but also mark them, Rodrigo confused when Torq threw his new fire hammer at a tree which was burned to cinders with him having utilised one of the vials.

  10. litanyofthieves on

    The best part about this episode: While you guys were talking about Bards, and Stephen made a ukelele joke, I was literally re-stringing a ukelele while listening. I laughed so hard.

    Also, in reference to 3.x Bards and Malkavians: I think their biggest strength is also their biggest weakness. It takes a strong starting concept and a player who knows what they want to do with their character. They can also be played really badly and really cliche easily, or fade into the background if they’re not interesting enough.

  11. When Rodrigo was describing the Ships did anyone else get like flashes of Vulcan federation ships or a cross between some of the ships on Stargate? Not a huge Trekie But didn’t the Vulcans have circular Nacels instead of the pod ones the human Federation use? I keep thinking vucan Scientific ship for some reason so maybe thats where I saw one in one episode or something. Bahh. Me and My Swiss cheeses memory. And I’m not talking Stargate ORI. Can’t remember the names the Grays went by.

    • I must not have been paying all that much attention to the descriptions of the ships, because I got a weird visual of a floating/flying Jawa Sandcrawler. I don’t know why I pictured that, I was at work while listening and must have just caught snippets of descriptors. Either way it worked for me, well it really bounced back and forth between the Sandcrawler and the ship from Rogue Galaxy the video game.

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