If the previous teaser images from Marvel didn’t have you believing that Peter Parker would be joining the remaining members of the Fantastic Four, the latest news confirms it.

After the death of the Human Torch, the surviving members of the Fantastic Four—Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman & Thing—join with Spider-Man and some top secret members to form an unstoppable force: The Future Foundation. Their mission is simple: save the Marvel Universe from its greatest threats and prevent future dangers from arising. But even with knowledge of what’s to come and one of the most powerful teams ever assembled, just what villainous force could stand in their way?

The series is written by Jonathan Hickman, with art by Steve Epting, and according to Tom Brevoort, “FF will alter the very fabric of the Marvel Universe.”


And for those who didn’t like the Tron variant Spider-Man costume, I wonder what reactions are going to be on the newly unveiled Arctic-Blast Spider-Man costume?

The first issue of FF arrives March 23, 2011, and has a $3.99 cover price.

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  1. Are we sure that’s Spider-Man? It might be Wolverine in disguise.

    As someone who doesn’t really care, wouldn’t either one of Spidey’s Amazing Friends have been a more interesting choice?

  2. The white costume is kind of clean and simple. Easily reads as Spider-Man, unlike the other one which was busy and distracting. I don’t hate it.

    • agreed. I also like the new white costumes for the F4, if you consider that the only variation they tend to have is “Shade of Blue +/-” and “Skin shown +/-” I’m glad to see them in different duds.

  3. Hmmm… this will last a year. Tops. Followed by the return of Johnny Storm… yadda yadda. I guess this is a way to try and get Spidey-fans to pick up the book. He’ll leave at one point to be replaced by Iron Man or Wolverine.

    In the second image, why does Sue have a fish bowl around her head? Is that supposed to be her power creating a helmet of some kind? Does she need it to breathe – if so, why is she the only one? Does she breathe water now?

    • Like most super-heroes, she just likes showing off her power, even if it doesn’t make any sense.

      I just wonder why they are all so Norman Rockwell-y happy?

      Did they all secretly hate Johnny and are glad he’s dead?

      Poor Johnny Storm. When he comes back, he should join some other team…

  4. I’m not a hater, I promise. But, wow, that looks awful. First of all, isn’t Spidey still a school teacher/costumed adventurer/avenger? Now he’s a /F4 member?!?
    Second, unless all of their adventures take place in clean sterile science labs with the little sticky mat on the floor before you go in, those costumes are ridiculously impractical.

    • spidey is a lab technician at horizon labs where his boss thinks he supplies spideys tech so hes cool to skip out, with that said yeah hes still an avenger on 2 avengers team and has his own ongoing series. he has become the wolverine of the marvel u

  5. I had a feeling that FF meant Future Foundation seeing Hickman was saying it was the “centerpiece” of his story with the Richard’s family. I’m not crazy about the outfits, but Hickman’s FF has been awesome so far so that won’t stop me.

  6. The white costumes don’t look great to me, and I’m curious about Spidey splitting his time between all the Avengers books and this one (oh, and his OWN books). Could this one be a clone?

    Also, why does Sue, in this art, look like she’s young enough to be Reed’s granddaughter?

  7. Am I the only one that thinks Spiderman’s white costume looks like White Tiger?

    If he’s in the new “FF” then they need to pull him and Ben from The Avengers. That’s just spider overkill.

    Hey, I got no problem with a hero having multiple costumes. Kinda metro-sexual in the wardrobe thing there but damn at the man’s cleaning bill. Black and white for covert/New Avengers missions, traditional blue and red for Avengers/own book adventures, white and black to hang around with the Richards’, Grimm and the Power Pack. Actually, it’s kinda…new…and…and…different. Unfortunately, this is Marvel so it’s for one cover or issue, tops.

  8. You know this is typical Marvel and how they treat their fans. First of all there is no continuity in Marvel. Yes, DC has their problems too, but this is ridiculous. It makes no sense. Explain to me how Spider Man is going to be here and in his other 30 books too. Then why are they so happy in the picture? I thought this was supposed to be life changing and a big turmoil within the FF. Looks like a party to me.

    Marvel continues to put characters out there just for the sake of it and tell its readers hey here is your character and you have to buy this book now. Dont pay attention that it does not make any sense we, as a company, just want you money.

    Here was a story line that could have lasted for a while with quality writing and emotional depth. It looks like it was just played for hype to lead to sales and nothing else. This is exactly why Captain America, the only Marvel book I follow, is the only book that I know of that has indepth quality. That is why Ed Brubaker is fantastic.

    Maybe if Marvel looked at quality rather than quantity there would be more readers and more seriousness given to its books.

    • I don’t believe Marvel (at least all the time) puts in characters just for characters sake. Spiderman has been tied to the FF for years. He tried joining them many times before (and was part of that awful FF team that took over for a while). I think he is a perfect replacement for Johnny (just like he was great to be there for Johnny’s death). As for him being in 30 other books? Let it be. It’s not reality. It’s comics. Spiderman can be in all of them for all I care if it makes a good story.

      As for the family being depressed, do you want to buy a comic where every cover is them in somber faces, crying. That would get old rather quickly and just become a depressing book. I don’t like death as much as the next person. When a few of my loved ones died, I grieved in private but in public I tried to put my best foot forward and move on while honoring their memory. I can see the FF family doing that. Honor Johnny’s love for life in public and try to prevent what happened to him from ever happening again while grieving as a family in private so you can be with your own thoughts.

  9. Pantsthemonkey on

    I, for one, am looking forward to more Hickman FF stuff.

    On the subject of continuity, I understand why so many people are down on Marvel about the potential continuity issues, but I think they are putting too much weight and/or credit on the concept of a company-wide continuity. Of course continuity is important, especially within a single title; but that level of importance shouldn’t hold as much weight when you start looking at a bigger picture in which you have many writers that want to tell us what they believe to be a great story. Forcing them into rigid continuity restraints is only going to force them to veer away from what could be the best story we the readers might read this year. I honestly appreciate that Marvel isn’t forcing Hickman into a more rigid continuity in which he couldn’t use Spidey. I like Hickman’s writing, and I’m happy that I’ll be reading the story he wants to tell, not one that the ‘Continuity Gods’ force him to tell.

    Could Spidey be in a thousand places at once? Of course not, but who cares? A good story with Spidey in it will be as good whether or not it makes sense in someone else’s story in another book as far as I’m concerned.

    • I agree fully. These are superhero’s in a fictional, fantasy world. The rules that hold us down in our lives don’t apply to them. I enjoy Spider-man and this concept sounds like a breathe for fresh air for the FF. I’d rather see a good story then Marvel saying “Oh we were gonna use Spider-man but being that he is in three other books, he can’t be there cause its not possible.”

      I read comics to escape my reality, not follow characters that are also constrained by it.

  10. Agree with a few, disagree with most as well – I am looking forward to this. It clears up a few things for me – that FF is not simply a lazy retitling but an actual plot line (though it is a convenient way of renumbering yet again in a year or so). I think it does differentiate the Fantastic Four from every other super-team; Hickman has shifted them to looking to the reasons why evil arises and trying to combat that proactively. I’ll read more.

  11. So Spidey is back in the Fantasic Four, who are to be the awesome saviors of the Marvel U. In white outfits. Umm… so they are the White Hats. Is Doom going to drop the green robes for black?

  12. The real reason for Spidey’s costume changes throughout the years is simple. The artists HATE drawing the web mesh on his uniform It takes forever. Even the Ben Riley Spider-Man costume had significantly less webbing on it.

    I’m really not against Spidey having more than one costume. You you only have one set of clothes. Wouldn’t you need to wash it everyday, and wouldn’t it start to fade after a while?

    I think superheros should have lots of alternate costumes, so long as you can still recognize them.

  13. I like this idea. Looks optimistic and super cool- very next gen FF

    But those costumes are gonna get dirty. I hope Reed’s got some super detergent or washing machine.

  14. Unstable molecules have always been the reason that Reed’s costume conforms to his shape-changing, Sue’s costume turns invisible when she does, and Johnny’s uniform doesn’t burn up when he flames on. Is it so outrageous to belief that unstable molecules also exhibit the properties of a bleach alternative in order to keep whites at their whitest and colors bright?

  15. You guys do realise that the fantastic four have disbanded now? Spidey isn’t joining the 4, they aren’t even 4. Spidey has been recruited to work for the future foundation, he may not be in every issue he’s clearly just the most recognisable and biggest name that the family fantastic have recruited to their new project to save the world.

  16. I’m calling it now. The “big bad” will be someone who controls all elements, in an over exaggerated way, possibly covering large parts of his body (like armor), from another dimension. He’ll be revealed slowly, and fire will be his last element used, eventually revealing… Johny Storm!! (dun dun duh!) ;)
    He’ll be the biggest threat because he knows every detail of the FF, their weaknesses, etc, and he’ll hate them (or something, possibly forgetting what happened), and possibly bringing together their enemies. The culmination of it all will be either the big event of 2012 or 2013, depending on how things play out.

  17. Now that Spidey’s hanging with Reed (rather than Tony Stark), it would be entirely possible for him to have a costume that can change to be his usual, the black one or the FF whites as he likes (rather than getting armor that has gimmicks only Stark finds cool). Plus it’d be self-cleaning and always have that mountain-spring fresh scent so when he’s been wearing it for three days under his clothes and getting into six fights a day it doesn’t give away his identity from B.O. alone.

    Also, think of the upgrades to the Spider-Tracers, web-shooters and other hyphenated devices Spidey has once Reed gets hold of them:

    “Oh, Pe– er, Spider-Man, I’m glad I bumped into you.”
    “You stretched yourself across the building to find me, Reed.”
    “Whatever. So I had a moment and thought I’d make you a spare costume. You know, just as a ‘welcome to the Foundation’ kind of thing.”
    “Gee, thanks! Um. The costume is white and black.”
    “Yes, that’s the team colors.”
    “I see. And it smells as fresh as all outdoors.”
    “Team scent.”
    “And it has buttons. I mean, like, function buttons.”
    “For the accessories. This one opens a secure communications channel on an FF frequency, this one cycles through the different appearances–”
    “Wow! It’s just like costume selection in a video game. Lessee: blue and red, black, white, scarlet, noir, Captain Universe, plaid, tie-dye, tweed… Any secret special ones I can unlock?”
    “–And this one launches a microtracer which is tuned to your Spider-Sense. This one reloads your web-shooters from your own bodily excreta–”
    “This one is in honor of Johnny. You won’t want to press that one unless you really, really have to.”
    “It sets me on fire, doesn’t it?”
    “And this one–”
    “Doesn’t it?”
    “This one–”
    “Welll… Yes. And this one is the UNDO button. It’s kind of like an Omega-13 device. I’ll let you undo a mistake. Like say, if you were to let a bad guy set off a nuclear bomb or sell your marriage to the devil.”
    “Or join this team?”

  18. All I can say is Thank god this is not Fantastic Four. This new book would have soiled the greatness that is FANTASTIC FOUR. Marvels smart because when this book tanks they can reboot the original book. White outfits are hideous and another book with Spider Man???? They could have really done some interesting moves with the Torch’s death. Bring a villian into the team (maybe sandman or Hydro man), bring the original Human Torch and Toro into the team and create the Fantastic Five. They even could have taken the counter earth Johnny Storm “The Guard” and brought him in, so same character but different dynamic. Marvel could have gone anywhere but they chose sell out and destroy a franchise.
    its a sad sad day. I’ll wait for the reboot

  19. heres some ideas:
    Original Human Torch
    Flat Man
    is there another invisable superhero???

    Or how about this one?
    Captain Marvel
    Black Bolt
    Jean Grey
    Human Torch

  20. Yawn, now I know why I don’t have any Marvel Titles on autopull though Diamond. Continuity or not Marvel just don’t capture that magic like they used to for me…….

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