Okko: The Cycle of Water

This week on the show: The Cycle of Water, Comic sales plunge, and reviews, reviews, reviews (and butter).


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Comic sales plunge in January


Ultimate Thor #4
Pencils & Cover by CARLOS PACHECO
How does a man become a God? The epic origin of the God of Thunder comes to a close as Thor discovers the mystery of his past. Masterminds Jonathan Hickman and Carlos Pacheco bring you the thrilling conclusion of one of the most talked about series… and you don’t want to miss it!
32 PGS./Rated T+ …$3.99

Rating: ★★☆☆☆
Icarus #1
Written and Illustrated by Ryan Cody
Publisher: Super75Comics

A child with the ability to look into the future sees an object approaching Earth, a giant spacecraft containing a species intent on invasion and occupation. Alongside the most public superhuman of the time, The Golden Templar, they approach a group of the world’s most powerful leaders . The Ameliorata do not believe her story and cast her away. When she, and other gifted seers go public with their warning, global riots break out and the world is turned upside down with religious and economic collapse. The Ameliorata decide that the super-humans cannot be allowed to roam unchecked and continue to upset the power balance. They order the execution of every known superhuman. Major Robert Riley is put in charge of exterminating the world’s most powerful individuals. The Ameliorata convince the public that the oncoming object to Earth is only the asteroid Icarus, preparing to make its scheduled pass of Earth. Icarus is expected to pass Earth on June 16th, 2015.

Rating: ★★★½☆

Legion of Superheroes Annual v.6 #1
Art and cover by KEITH GIFFEN & JOHN DELL
The legendary team of Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen reunite on the Legion for the first time in 20 years! And their next 31st century masterpiece introduces the all-new, all-deadly Emerald Empress! She’s ultra-twisted! She possesses entire planets! And she devastates the Legion so completely, one Legionnaire will never be the same!

Rating: ★★★★☆

When it comes to parody that goes to the next level, The Venture Brothers show that you don’t have to be a one gimmick show to make something work right… or something.  This week, the powers that be have taken Race Bannon and tossed him in the ring with Brock Samson to see which will make it out alive.
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Okko: Cycle of Water
The Cycle of Water was originally published as a two-issue mini-series by Delcourt in 2005, and has been reprinted by Archaia Studios Press as a four-issue mini-series (2006–2007).
The year is 1108 in the official calendar of the Pajan Empire. Far from the fields of battle, Okko the ronin heads a small group of demon hunters, wandering the realms of Empire. He is accompanied by Noburo, a mysterious giant who hides his face behind a red oni mask, and the whimsical monk Noshin, the saké lover with the power to summon and commune with the spirits of nature.
The young fisherman Tikku enlists the group’s help in finding his sister, the geisha Little Carp, who was kidnapped by pirates. But the quest will have a price, and will lead our four heroes much farther afield than they’d ever imagined…

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  1. I believe the vampire heads are a variant of Rokurokubi, even though they more often are described as stretching their necks, not detaching the head from their bodies.

    • They are called Nukekubi, youkais who seem normal during the day but can separate their head from their bodies at night and attack by shewing you to death, thou it’s the first I hear of them been vampires. In manga I’ve seen them not only as been able to separate their head but pull out their spines as well and grow insect like limbs from their vertebrae , they need to be able to return to a body (most legends say their own) or they die at sunrise.

  2. Okko is one of my favorite current european comics.

    From what I understood, Okko is supposed to have 5 arcs (the 4 elements, and one arc to finish the whole story) that would form one big story. Every cycle get’s released in two 48 pages hardcover oversized (like all european comics) books. Those books are released once every year and a half. That is why they are so detailed etc… (this is a normal publicity rate for european comics.).

    Also to clarify a statement made by Rodrigo. Most european comics are creator owned. We have some compagny owned books, but they are the exception, not the rule. (and they are mostly compagny owned because the original creator sold them to the compagny. spirou is one of the more well known examples). And I must agree that you in America probably only get the very good comics from overhere.

    Some other european series you might want to check out (if they excist in an english translation that is)
    Alim the tanner, Orbital, the dragonknights,…

    fun fact: my roleplaybag is an okko bag. how cool is that :-)

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