It’s been confirmed that Cobie Smulders will play S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Maria Hill in the upcoming The Avengers movie from Marvel Studios.

Smulder’s deal would integrate her S.H.I.E.L.D agent character in nine films, as is typical for actors landing roles in Marvel’s pics. Character would work closely with Jackson’s Nick Fury, and eventually becomes the head of the espionage and law enforcement group.

You’ve probably seen Smulders in How I Met Your Mother on CBS, and if you followed the rumor mill back when Joss Whedon was working on Wonder Woman she was one of the contenders for the role.

via Variety


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  1. Oh please no…I love HIMYM, but I just can’t see her playing Maria Hill. Morena Baccaring would’ve been a better choice. Then again, I’m a Firefly fanboy.

  2. Donna Troy, yes. Wonder Woman, nah.

    However, it is interesting to have the Maria Hill character in the Avengers series. Support characters are what can make or break film franchises.

  3. I like it.

    I mean, I like her. I’m not sure how she’ll do with hard-ass Maria Hill, but this will give her the chance to show she’s got the acting chops to play outside the former Canadian pop star who wants to be the most successful woman TV journalist of all time and hear her father say “Robin, I’m proud of you, eh?” role she’s sort of been locked into …

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