Heroes on Vacation

In this issue: Where do heroes go on vacation, and why do mad scientists go mad?


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  1. Heroes are rarely seen on vacation for the same reason we don’t see them shopping for groceries, do their taxes, vacuum, cook or do their laundry all that often, it’s not “interesting” to the writer. To me comic books are the highlights of the main character’s life/career and we only see what the guy in charge of making the montage thought would be interesting to the reader/viewer, so unless the writer thinks people will want to see Iron Man standing in line at the DMV to have his lincense renew and fuming about needing a license to drive when he flies a freaking suit of armor, we just wont see it.

    Woohoo! The cute copyright at the end of the show is back! Now it’s officially 2011 ;-)

  2. Hey, guys. Re: mad scientists trying to get rich off of their smarts. Egghead tried to do that in the original Avengers sometime around issue 220 if I remember. It involved Hank Pym and an immortality machine and some other stuff. The great thing about that scheme is that Egghead was inspired by a groupie/henchwoman of his saying essentially “Why don’t you use your intelligence to get rich and buy the world?” It didn’t work out for him, of course, but his evil thoughts were in the right place.

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