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  1. Funny how the only strongly recognizable characters are Wolverine and Spider-Man, the same two characters featured everywhere else in Marvel.

  2. How many series does one psudeo-Batman get a shot at? I’ve lost count of how many times Moon Knight’s been repackaged, rebooted, powered, depowered, etc. I thought that they had found a nitch for him as a strong support character in Secret Avengers but I don’t see what can be done to the character to make another stand-alone series viable.

    Moon Knight has another title and Luke Cage doesn’t (that I’m aware of)?? Where’s the sense in that?

  3. As a fan of Moon Knight, I’m really worried by Bendis taking over his book – his book has been pretty consistently good since 2006, and even the more recent “Vengeance of Moon Knight” relaunch that tied into Shadowland & Secret Avengers was fun. It’s possible Bendis could have a cool take on the character, but I really doubt it. He should really just stick to shoving Luke Cage and Spider-Woman into as many team books as he can.

  4. gilberto nieves on

    moon knight’s a great character, just needs the right writer and artist to do him justice. it should be gritty street justice meets the supernatural. throw werewolf by night, jack russell in the mix as sidekick/ supporting character. MK has a great rogues gallery too… bushman, morphesus, the cult of khonshu, the moon kings, stained glass scarlet, black spectre, the profile, just to name a few. batman knockoff, i think not.

    • Batman knockoff, yes. At least at first, but I do think MK’s done a pretty good job of evolving from that basic motif and becoming a good character in his own right. There’s nothing wrong with sharing a character concept with another, as long as they try to do right by the character. Captain America is a knockoff of The Shield, but that doesn’t seem to matter. For that matter, Darkwing Duck is a knockoff Batman, sorta, but he’s hilarious and awesome.

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