It feels like the ’90s all over again as variant covers continue to roll out from comic book publishers. Bluewater Productions sent Major Spoilers the variant cover to Fame: The Royals by Pablo Martinena.

Bluewater, the leading biography comic book publisher in the United States, has also announced a deal that will distribute “Fame: The Royals” in Britain and throughout most of the European Union.

“This title is gaining momentum,” Davis said. “There seems to be a large appetite for all things related to the wedding.”

According to Davis, this phenomenon is not new. Thirty years ago, much of the world was captivated by the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana Spencer, William’s parents. Their likeness appeared on everything from dolls and lunchboxes to plates and tapestries and, of course, hundreds of publications. This fervor was even felt back in the 1950’s for the coronation of William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Fame: The Royals is written by CW Cooke and has a cover price of $3.99.

via Bluewater Productions


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