Last week we showed off the new Thundercats look, but as some of you noticed, Snarf was noticeably absent from the image.  Fear not Dear Spoilerites!  Warner Bros. may have unintentionally released Snarf’s redo as part of the packaging on the ThunderTank.

Take the jump for the full ThunderTank package.

I expect we’ll hear more about Thundercats merchandise as Toy Fair kicks into high gear later this week.

via SuperHeroHype


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  1. Im still not thrilled about this whole thing. I loved the Thundercats as much as anyone growing up…but I am so bothered by their over the top ‘anime look’. Its almost as if they are just feeding these kids something to make money…and its easier to remind them of yugioh and dragonballZ than to come up with a lasting/unique franchise. Or…heaven forbid, actual admit that the originals were kickass enough to stick with. Plus, aside from the toys being the size of GIjoes, with what Ill suspect are easily breakable parts…the price tag will probably be in the double digits! Above all, Lion-O looks like a pussy! (no pun intended) My youth has been forsaken.

      • Good point. However, its not anime I have a problem with, or its application for that matter. Rather its effect on the characters as I knew them. So, its actually very easy to complain about the anime look. Compare two pictures of Lion-O and you’ll see my point. Lion-O would have kicked the crap out of anyone back in the day…now you might as well smack him. Plus…Snarf was a fat little fellow with a bunch of annoying expressions…now he is a pokemon sticker.

    • thundercats was animated in japan — by japanese animators. rankin bass sent most of their animation work overseas. look at the last unicorn — surprisingly, it’s made in japan. look at little nemo — made in japan. thundercats was one of the prototypes of sending animationwork overseas to japan to get animated. one of the main directors of the original series was a man by the name of Katsuhito Akiyama who’s done numerous anime series. the thundercats of old was made in the old anime style of the 80’s. the new series is the same format — american producers with japanese animators with different character designs. i think your notion of anime vs american is off kilter.

      • The new variations of the characters do have a more modern Anime aesthetic. Not to say that the originals weren’t made in Japan. They just skew very far into the new idea of what constitutes a Japanese Anime film. They are at least more reminiscent of DBZ and YuGiOh (to a point) than they are to He-Man or Centurions (whatever’s analogous to ThunderCats of old). I’ll wait and see, but Lion-O looks like he’s 12 in the one picture I saw. I can get behind that too if it’s done well, in the original he was really young too, his body just aged during the trip.

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