On sale next week is the next chapter of the Death of Oracle storyline playing out in DC Comics’ Birds of Prey.  The company released a sneak peek of the issue, that you can see after the jump.

Written by GAIL SIMONE

The game-changing “Death of Oracle” storyline continues! Black Canary finally confronts her inner demons as the Calculator’s army and creepy new villainess Mortis take their ultimate revenge on Oracle. This massive story reverberates throughout Gotham City – and beyond.

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  1. On the matter of her mom and dad, and probably Sin, I can’t fault Black Canary. Green Arrow, I could care less about. But on the matter of how she handled Roy in Rise of Arsenal, let her squirm.

    • Agreed. I especially like the comments from Roy Harper and Oliver Queen in what appears to be this “soul-searching moment”. I never did like the fact that Black Canary turned her back on Oliver while he was in jail for nailing a homicidal mass-murderer between the eyes with an arrow. Of all people, she should have been the one person that understood the human drive for not just revenge, but “justice”.

      • I never really like it either when she walked away on Ollie when he really needed her. I like the pair of them working together. Neither seems quite as strong without the other. I’ll be interested to see if DC brings them back together.

        • Love seeing the Golden Age Black Canary and her PI hubby again, even for a moment. However, the Golden Age Canary didn’t wear a domino mask. She wore a blonde wig over her black hair.

        • Personally, I hated everything about Cry Justice. I can’t take Ollie seriously as a hero now that he’s become a cold-blooded executioner. I can’t take Roy as seriously as a hero now that he’s been emotional crippled by the murder of his daughter. You’d think DC would have learned after the murder of Arthur Jr. ruined Aquaman for decades that killing a child in a comic book crosses a moral event horizon from which most characters can’t recover.

  2. Hey, at least the cover to this one marks the first in a while that wasn’t just a picture of people in an action pose against a white background.

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