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Celestial Crusade

This episode: A plan comes together, but will the gods love it?


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  1. 2nd best episode of season 3( 72 was the best just because of the opening).It’s good to see that they are final moving forward with the story with a clear goal in mind.For most of season 3 it was kinda like, ” Soooo, what was our goal again.”

    • Isn’t he supposed to be a demon prince rather than a god ?

      Anyhoo, great, great episode. Rodrigo’s description really brought the gods’ intimidating majesty to life and I could just see the Torqletones shaking in their boots. To think they’ve already killed a god and met five others, when they’re still in the heroic tier !

      I wonder how long those diplomatic and gathering missions will take and whether this final mission at the Cyst will happen once the characters have reached the epic tier.

      There was a lot of talk of splitting the party, which should make for some interesting adventures. I was hoping to hear one of the participants suggest forming a second “layman” team to take on the other missions.

      Anyway, can’t wait to hear how the rest of the story goes, so that must mean you’re doing something right :).

      • I have a feeling that the mission at the central cyst will be either immediately before or after reaching Paragon. It’ll either ding them to 11 or occur just after they get there.

  2. I don’t think I would be going out on a limb to say this is Rob best episode so far, granted everyone was good but Rob should get respect for great roleplaying.

    My main thought after listening to this how does one view of gods changes when you meet them? Its a interesting metaphysical question best answered by reading mythology and watching Hercules and Zena.

    Also very much looking forward to seeing the other 1/3 guys playing a role of this next arc.

    Keep up the good work

  3. Here’s my Casting Couch for the Gods:

    Erathis: Jane Weidlin (From the Go-Gos) Circa 1989 (From That Bill and Ted flick)

    Bahamut: Brian Blessed dressed in his Hawk-Man outfit from “Flash Gorden: (Dive!)

    The Raven Queen: Claudia Black from Farscape (Death can be strangely alluring)

    Corellon: Totally, Eddie Izzard. (It’s like one was modeled after the other.

    Melora: Salma Hayek (You did mention the impressive rack on Melora, Rodrigo.)

    It would be cool to hear Rodrigo’s take on what he had envisioned, when he portrayed them in the podcast.

  4. Very good stuff, as always. How much of the plan that was created between sessions was Rodrigo’s idea, and how much came from the players? For instance, all of the items mentioned for the plan… did Rodrigo create the list, or was that player generated material?

  5. @Ivdar: Indeed he is! However (as I imagine everone’s favorite 3/4 Orc being told by his grandmother… and maybe this explains why “the one with the dog-head” stuck) it is unwise to draw attention to this when addressing him.

  6. Guys,

    This was a great episode. I’m looking forward to the separate missions coming up. I think it’ll be a perfect opportunity to maybe incorporate a guest player or two for a a little while. Excepting that, I do recommend that all four players participate in the separate adventures with the players whose Torqletones are not on the current mission playing another PC for a little while. Perhaps their entrants from “How the Other Third Lives”…

    Rui, aka Ariamus

  7. Excellent episode. I like how Critical Hit jumps past the accepted “scale” for heroic-tier adventures. Makes you wonder what these guys will be up to once they reach level 15.
    I do have one qualm, though. Splitting the party? Splitting the party?! “Never split the party!” is one of the first rules GMs learn; where are you leading your flock of trusting baby GMs, Grand Game Master Rodrigo?
    I expectantly await to see what solution Rodrigo comes up with to make sure that splitting the party does not become a mistake.

  8. I can see splitting the party.

    Send Orem and Ket one way and Torq and Randis the other. But wouldn’t you know it, two “new” characters join each team to help out…. crafty way to do it Rodrigo.

  9. Loved the Batman reference, kudos to Rob that was some fine “selling half baked plan”, to Gods of all things! Love the attention to detail by Rodrigo, like having the Raven Queen’s mark force Ket to kneel in her presence or the description of the Gods humanoid avatars, or was that their “true” form?

  10. Fun episode. Stephen’s choices for Orem always prove interesting, and it seems that he’s wanting to build an wizard/swordmage hybrid.

    As for the splitting party issue, I’m actually excited about the possibility. This allows Rodrigo to bring back members from the first ‘Other half’ event or some of the divine characters from the previous series. Stephen seemed to really enjoy 7OW, and now he has an excuse to bring him back. Imagine: Torq, 7OW, Ket, and Darth-Dwarf Priest storming the 9 hells to ‘talk’ the evil gods into helping.

  11. Maybe I’m too evil, but I would have loved for Rodrigo to say, “everybody roll for initiative. Just kidding,” once the gods were assembled… :)

  12. XantharTheFlame on

    Awesome, epic episode guys! I’ve been listening to this podcast since September, starting with Ep. 1. Have just caught up and am now really sad that I actually have to wait until next week to hear what happens next!! But I LOVE this podcast more than any other I subscribe to. 5 Star Rating achieved!! I’d give you 10 if I could.

    @Ariamus, et al: I doubt Rodrigo would let them use the divine PC’s from How the Other Third lives — it doesn’t fit with the story arc because the whole point is that the Layman Initiative is what is driving the plans toward success — and as Rob pointed out to Bahamut (ballsy move!) the good council was not successful sending envoys to the dark council because they sent priests instead of laymen — implying that they have to have only laymen in the mission.

    Can’t wait to see how it plays out with splitting the party!

  13. litanyofthieves on

    I think I agree with everyone else who’s saying this was an amazing episode, it’s really the kickoff of something huge, and it was well played by all parties involved.

    Also, I have to say, Rodrigo, your characterization of the Gods was superb. I felt like with all the little looks you had them give each other, the way they had little relationships (Corellon antagonizing Bahamut, Melora and The Raven Queen being), they felt like such believable, old-world style gods with their shortcomings and pettiness, and it gave them a dimension that really stood out. I felt like you were reading out of a book of their mythology and that there are whole stories behind each of their mannerisms and behaviors, that I wanted to find out. Excellent job!

  14. Awesome episode. So far, the best performance by Rob. I almost felt uncomfortable when Rodrigo describe the arrival of the Raven Queen! And uneasy about her showing some cleavage!

    And I concur, the online character generator is crap! I experienced the same problems than Stephen while printing, but some some ubergeek at the job showed me how to avoid this problem.

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