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  1. Blackthunder01 on

    I chose Green Lanter because I really want DC to have another sucessful superhero franchise besides Superman and Batman.

    Thor looks interesting but I know nothing about the character. I don’t have much attraction to it because of that.

    Captain America looks like it’s going to be a great movie. I’m sure I’ll like it but I don’t have a driving urge to see it.

    Priest … just not interested. And I never heard of the comic.

    X-Men First Class disapoints me that it’s not the First Class of the X-men. Wolverine Origin and X3 has told me to give up on any X title until they’re Marvel Studios controlled.

    Cowboys and Aliens looks fun but it also looks like a movie that I’ll see, enjoy, then forget about.

  2. After seeing the trailer for Green Lantern i had to change my vote to Captain America. I had hopes for GL but now I have concerns/doubts. Thor is a close 2nd.

  3. Captain America, Thor and Green Lantern all hold pretty equal weight for me. I won’t bother with the others until they hit DVD (if then).

  4. I would really like to see Green Lantern win at the box office, but let’s face it, with all the hype around The Avengers flick, anything Marvel puts out this summer will be box office gold.

    Of course, that has nothing to do with the question. I voted Cowboys vs. Aliens for its sheer ridiculousness.

  5. Thor. Not sure why even. I think I just want Thor to work. I alwyas felt like even in the comics, Thor doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the universe. But a rocking good Thor movie would be fun!

  6. I’d probably look forward to Priest more if I knew more about the comic series. But as a die-hard, red-blooded, had a home-made shield when I was 8, WWII history buff “wing-head” mark I’m waiting on seeing the screen treatment of the Good Captain. Thor’s a close second. “Goldilocks” as Ben Grimm affectionately refers to him, has also been one of my favorites. Which is kinda weird if you think about it. As a fan that’s always had a preference of DC over Marvel it would seem like I’d be marking out for the GL movie. I really, REALLY want it to work but from what I’ve seen of it I’m just not feeling it.

    Of course, anyone’s going to struggle to reach the bar that Robert Downey, Jr’s Tony Stark has set. Shellhead’s not always been one of my favorite characters but IM and IM2 were are two of my favorite movies.

    The X-Men movie – Feh. They need a cameo by Austin Powers.

    • Unfortunately, the Priest movie has more or less nothing to do with the comic– manhwa, actually, it’s Korean– it’s based on. The comic has nothing to do with vampires, and instead a horror-action story involving supernatural forces warring across the American Wild West. Zombies, demons, and fallen angels feature.

      The movie has vampires and takes place in a dystopian feature. The plots are not even remotely similar.

      • Now that premise, I would like. I know it’s been done similarly (“Legion”, etc.) but that sounds like a more interesting plot mechanism than an apparent stab at Christianity (The “Church” making a deal with the Devils to keep control…).

        • I saw the previews for Priest and I think it looks pretty badass. If you think “Equilibrium + Vampires” you’ve got a decent idea. I am kind of really looking forward to Priest now, and whether it does well or not, I think I’ll like it.

  7. I picked Green Lantern solely because that is the movie I’ve been waiting for the longest and it has the most hurdles to overcome (at least in my eyes). Second is Thor, third is Captain America (although those two are actually about the same high-level of “gotta see it”).

    The rest I’ll just wait til DVD because they don’t grab my attention as much, although Cowboys and Aliens does look interesting.

  8. My choices were Thor or Green Lantern. I thought Priest was a direct to DVD release, X-Men was a fall release, Cowboys and Aliens a Christmas and Captain America out next year.

    So of the two that I expected this summer, I picked Thor. As for Green Lantern, the DC Animated movie was good and New Frontier is pretty much a GL story. The Thor part of Hulk VS was pretty good, but I can’t think of another Thor story something I read in the comics. And Natalie Portman.

  9. where’s the ‘all of them’ option? other than green lantern (which i want to see too, just not as much as the others) i want to see them all equaly.

  10. I was torn between Green Lantern & Captain America, but because it has the potential to be a franchise-starter, GL just barely ekes into first.

  11. litanyofthieves on

    I chose cowboys and aliens because none of the other options excited me this much. I can’t believe how many comic book movies are coming out this year!

  12. Captain America, it feels the strongest out of all the movies. Probably because the storyline is harder to screw up then the other ones, there have been tons of WWII movies, just add cap, Red Skull and a rocket at the end. Thor looks good too, I would have voted for that but he said Earth instead of Midgard in the trailer, that cost them some point with me. (yes, I’m nitpicking, sue me!)

    X-men I’ll see on tv (maybe), Priest/Cowboys I’ll rent and GL I might see once a few reviews roll in but right now the words “meh” come to mind.

    Cowboys and Aliens shouldn’t even be there, the comic book was basicaly market research for the movie.

  13. I have always been a fan of Cap. I have seen the old Captain America movie like hundreds of times when I was a kid and can’t wait to see what they can do now when they put some effort into it.

  14. Tough, tough call. But Thor just barely won it for me – by a hammer.
    I actually have some hopes for Green Lantern, though. After going back and reading the Emerald Dawn trade, I’m ready for a wise-cracking, smart-ass Hal. And no matter what the rest of the movie’s like, it’ll be worth the price of admission to see Kilowog up on the big screen in glorious hi-res CGI.

  15. I was a little suprised, but after considering the ones I’ve actually seen trailers for, Thor seems like it’s got the most going for it, and it’s the one I’ll actually make an effort to get to a theater and see.

  16. Einsteinic-Rocket on

    For me it’s got to be Thor…I’ve really liked the stuff I’ve seen so far, and it only slightly nudges out Captain America for me, mostly because we’ve seen (in my opinion) a pretty good looking Thor trailer and no trailer for Cap.

    Green Lantern looks pretty good, but I’m just not a big Ryan Reynolds fan. I recall hearing that Bradley Copper (the cool guy from The Hangover) was in the running for Hal Jordan, and I thought he would have nailed it. Oh well…

    I didn’t even know X-Men: First Class was due for a 2011 release… I really like that it’s going to be set in the 60s, but I just can’t wrap my head around how this fits in with the continuity of the other X-Men movies. It obviously can’t be the first class of X-Men seen in the comics, which is pretty annoying…and I’m not looking forward to the inevitable Wolverine appearance/cameo/allusion that will be in the movie..but hey I’m sure it can be solid.

    I have no interest in Priest or Cowboys and Aliens. The trailer I saw for Priest looked ok, but nothing really special. And the Cowboys and Aliens thing…well, the whole wacky deal with Platinum Studios has turned me off of the movie. Either way, I think this is going to be a pretty big year for comic book movies!

  17. Had to go for Thor merely for the fact that Kenneth Branagh is directing. I’ve never seen anything bad come from him and the trailer looks cool so I’m pretty sure it will be awesome.

    I really want to see Green Lantern be fantastic but the fact that some things in the trailer make me think it might be slightly cheesy (Ryan Reynolds I’m looking in your direction) makes me doubt a little. I’ll have to wait and see on that one and thus couldn’t vote for it even though GL is higher on the list, comics-wise, than anything else on the list.

    I also hope that Cap is done well. Never got into him as a kid but lately I’ve been picking up the comic and it’s pretty cool. Hopefully they do it justice.

  18. I was torn between Thor and Green Lantern. Thor offers me the chance to learn about a character who I don’t really know that much about. Green Lantern offers me a chance to reform my opinion about a character and concept I don’t really like that much. In the end it came down to the fact that I am hoping Reynolds will make me like Hal Jordan, so my anticipation is highest to see if that comes true or not.

  19. Just to throw out my two cents:

    – Thor looks good and having Marvel’s Asgardian Myth brought to life with Kenneth Brannagh at the helm interests me.
    – Captain American worries me with the decision to put him in the USO as an entertainer to rationalize his costume hitting me as terribly uncreative. I think it’s the first major chink in the Marvel Films armor.
    – I like Ryan Reynolds, the director, and much of the cast of Green Lantern, but it just looks off to me.
    – Cowboys and Aliens looks like fun. Not at all familiar with the source material.
    – X-Men: First Class is another attempt at a reboot, however selective this may be. And the character choice looks like they threw darts.
    – Priest looks interesting. Again, I’m not familiar with the source material.

    So I’d put Thor head and shoulders above all else.

  20. I voted for Green Lantern which kind of surprised myself there. I think it’s because it’s the movie that I’m most worried about. I’m just really nervous that it’s going to be terrible and there goes some potentially amazing special effect/action sequences and incredible larger than life stories if tanks and they don’t make any sequels.

    I think Thor looks interesting and there’s something strange about what little I’ve seen about Captain America but I think they’ll both be alright.

    Priest is one that I knew nothing about until just recently and I’m pretty excited for it. It seems kind of like Equilibrium with Vampires (which I mentioned in a post above). I like Paul Bettany and I believe Karl Urban is in the movie too. It looks good. Granted, I get the benefit of going into this movie knowing nothing of the source material. So I can’t be let down in that regard.

    Cowboys vs. Aliens is bottom on my list, I’d so much rather watch Aliens vs. Dinosaurs or Cowboys vs. Dinosaurs. Or maybe for Rodrigo, Robots vs. Dinosaurs.

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