NYTF ’10: More Ghostbusters merchandise on the way


Mattel announced via Matty Collector.com that there are a slew of Ghostbusters toys coming our way in 2011, and some sad news for those wanting Real Ghostbusters toys.

  • The next figure will be Vinz Clortho in March. Also in March will be the Club Ecto Marshmallow Mess Ray which ships only to Club Members and was covered by the cost of membership!
  • After Vinz will be a new figure in May that will include a new pack in Ghost.
  • Winston with slime blower will be out in July.
  • We also have 2 GB2 12″ 2-packs coming out this year (that was a lot of 2s!). The first will be Winston and Peter in April. Both packs will come with a TON of 12″ accessories including protonstreams!
  • The PKE meter did great. We are looking into other prop replicas down the road. No plans right now for a re-release but it might happen in time (such as in a movie year).
  • The Retro Action RGB figures should be hitting Toys R Us and “emerging channel accounts (i.e. online retailers) soon. They will not be available here at this time.

And now for the sad news…

We know there is a lot of demand of Real GB 6″ scale figures. The catch with that is based on the baseline sale of the 6″ movie style line, the demand just isn’t there (well the vocal online demand is, the sales number are not). GB Classics sells well, but at this time not at the numbers that would justify a 6″ RGB expansion which requires A LOT of new tooling.

Images of the new figures and merchandise should start appearing as soon as the New York Toy Fair kicks off.

via Matty Collector