I decided to take a look at this with simple hopes of getting some good old childhood nostalgia. I came away pleasantly disappointed.

FRAGGLE ROCK Volume 2 #1
Writer: Grace Randolph, Jake T. Forbes, and Joe LeFavi
Artist: Chris Lie, Mark Simmons, and Cory Godbey
Inker: Chris Lie, Mark Simmons, and Cory Godbey
Colorist: Hendry Iwanaga, Fandy Soegiarto, Mark Simmons, and Cory Godbey
Letterer: Dave Lanphear
Cover Artist: Chris Lie or David Peterson
Editor: Time Beedle
Publisher: Archaia
Price: $3.95

Previously in Fraggle Rock: The Fraggles, a group of small, fuzzy, multi-color creatures living in Fraggle Rock, sing, dance, and generally have fun. We follow the five primary Fraggles, Gobo, Red, Mokey, Wembley, and Boober as they do what they will. For this issue, as I believe it will be for the series, we get three different stories of Fraggles fare.

Wembley and the Great Dream-Capade!

For our first story we get a fantastic re-introduction to each of the Fraggles in their dreams. You see, Wembley is having problems sleeping because he can’t figure out what to dream about. In order to help, his friend decide to do one of the more interesting things Fraggles are capable of, dream sharing. Each Fraggle takes a turn: Gobo shows of his imagination with a cave filled with candy crystals, Red brings out the competition by turning Wembley into another her (because she will always win then), Boober shows off a Jazz club and ensemble while scaring Wembley with his scarcely seen smile, and Mokey gives us my favorite, a peaceful cloud world where everything is serene and friendly. Unfortunately, poor Wembley cannot handle any of the other dreams and has to approach Marjory (the great Trash Heap/Oracle) for help. She helps him realize that his dreams don’t need to be perfect just his, and he is able to sleep. The others join him to find out his dreamscape is also much like him, indecisive and ever-changing.

This was a great way to reintroduce us to the main characters. I was able to remember what each was like from the minimal interaction they all had without anyone needing to tell me who was who.

Boober and the Ghastly Stain

Our next story focuses on the least adventurous of the group, Boober. Boober is the Fraggle laundry man. Doing all the laundry for every Fraggle is his calling and he apparently loves it, which is why when Gobo brings in a shirt with the worst stain every Boober happily accepts the challenge. Of course none of his normal soaps do the trick and Boober has to do his least favorite activity, adventuring. He needs some special ingredients to clear this stain. Tracking down spores from the highest point outside, a scale from the Tallowtail Thromp, and even some radish vinegar from the Gorgs, he manages to save the shirt.

Here we get a bit more about Boober, and it’s good. His was the weakest part from the first and it was the right move to give him more characterization here. The song was good and I really want to here how it sounds, which would probably just take finding some old episodes.

Brave Sir Wembley

Well the first focused on Wembley and the second on Boober, so why not the last be for both? The Fraggles are gearing up for the Glory Song Celebration and Gobo is, of course, in charge. Today is also the day he should be going to Outer Space (a hole into our world much akin to a mouse hole) to retrieve the latest Post Card from his Uncle Traveling Matt. When he is unable to leave the setup, Wembley volunteers to go, though Boober warns him it will be horribly dangerous. Boober goes with to tell the tail of Wembley’s death otherwise no one would ever find out what happened. On the way there Boober spins worse and worse tales of how Wembley could meet his horrible demise. When they reach the exit, Wembley is so paralyzed with fear he can’t even speak. Boober steps up to save the day and easily gets the postcard from the waste basket.

The art here was definitely my favorite of the three. We get a less crisp style than the other two and it really helps to make Boober’s tales that much more impressive. The story is a bit predictable, but who cares as it was still good.


Like I said to start, I am pleasantly disappointed. Either this didn’t hit the right notes or, more likely, I am too far removed from the Fraggles to get the nostalgia I was looking for. However, I did get three great stories that I wouldn’t have read otherwise. I say this gets a reasonable 3 out of 5 stars. Pick it up if you are closer to the Fraggles or if you’re looking for something fun and silly to share with a kid.

Rating: ★★★☆☆


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  1. As the resident Fraggle fanatic, I would score it higher, but I overally agree with you. My only complaint is the same that I had for the Muppet comics from Boom! – unless they’re using a melody that’s supposed to be familiar (for example, the first run had a new song set to Convincing John’s signature tune), music in a comic strip sort of fall flat. But they earned bonus points from me for little things like remembering the Storyteller’s crush on Uncle Matt and the Glory Song celebration. What can I say? I’m a Muppet fangirl.

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