Comics for Kids

In this issue: Matthew and Stephen recommend some comics for kids.

NOTE: This episode was originally recorded December 28, 2010, but the Robot Overlord forgot to upload it on New Year’s Day.


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  1. I hope I didn’t offend anyone… that’s the farthest thing from my intention. It’s really a testament to your amazing production values that you guys can (if unintentionally) create the impression that you guys are together.

    But sometimes the way things come out when I say (or type them) aren’t the way I think them. Social nuances have never been my forte.

      • Okay, good. As for being in the same room, it’s more like something you don’t think about, you just sort of assume unless there is a reason to do otherwise (which is what I was trying to get at before)… when I really think about it, there’s lots of times you guys have mentioned it. But when you are listening to you guys it sounds so seamless that your mind plays tricks on you.

        Other podcasts I listen to do silly things like holding the phone up to the mic and hoping for the best. So like I said, you guys have great production values and that’s why I assumed for a long time that you guys were together.

  2. Would PS238 be a good comic book for children?

    Not so long ago in one of the podcasts Matthew said he has never met Rodrigo in person before, I’m surprised people thought you guys were in the same room. Specialy given all the talk of Matthew getting disconected/having interference/lagging and so on that happen in many podcasts.

    • I may in fact be the only one. But when I say things I’m thinking out loud (even if they turn out to be silly) it’s because of the old school of thought that if one person raises their hand and asks a question, there are probably 10 people with the same question too nervous or embarrassed to speak up.

      • I doubt you’re the only one which is why I wrote “people”, pretty much any form of information is subject to interpretation be it because of the encoder or the decoder. You and other most have started with the image of 3 guys recording a podcast in a basement and thous whenever the subject of radio problems on Matthew’s end came up you probably interpreted them as microphone/headphone problems, because you had the preconception of them been in the same room. In hindsight it’s not so surprising that people think they are in the same room, because it’s what seems the most “logical” when you think of “recording a podcast”.

  3. litanyofthieves on

    I really liked the podcast, but I think you guys missed an opportunity to expound on one of the parts of the letters that made me think: someone said he didn’t think Wonder Woman or Batgirl were appropriate comics for his 5-7 year olds. Can you guys think of any female superhero title that is appropriate for that age range? I would be surprised if there were more than 2-3, and maybe that’s one of the big barriers to young girls who want to get into comics.

  4. Liked the podcast! As a parent of a 7 year old girl I too have had problems finding age appropriate books. I think that you guy’s recommendations were very good, and I might have found one or two new floppies for my daughter to read.

  5. I recently listened to this podcast (I’m a few behind) and have a few suggestions for kids comics. I have a 5 (soon to be 6) year old daughter and some of the books she likes are:

    Tiny Titans, Owly, Corgi, Geronimo Stilton, Bone (the non-scary bits) and the Disney Fairies series.

    Some stuff I’ve found that would be good for kids in the 7-10 range: Salt Water Taffy; Bone; Geronimo Stilton; The Boom Kids group of Disney comics, Uncle Scrooge, Chip’n’Dale, Darkwing Duck, Donald Duck and Mickey & Friends.

    There are lots of options out there, it’s just a matter of doing a little research and asking your friendly comic retailer.

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