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Celestial Crusade

This episode: Will the new characters destroy the enemy, or will the player’s lack of understanding about their new skills get them killed?


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  1. Stephen’s monk might be squishy but he hits like a truck! I have to agree with Rodrigo, these last 2 episodes have had more refs then all the other third season episodes combined.

      • No one said it was bad thing ;-)

        @Rodrigo: Could we please have a spelling on the new characters name?

        P.S. Matthew, you really should have called the Merfolk Curry rather then Arthur too obvious a ref for this crowd.

  2. Matthew’s Paladin should lay on hands like Benny Hill, by slapping Seven Healers Healing’s bloodied, bald & holy-face-tatoo’ed head to sound of goofy ragtime. Great game as always!

  3. These are definitely a neat group of characters. I’ve mostly played arcane characters (like wizards, sorcerers and warlocks) in my games, so it’s nice to see how a different kind of magic-using character works.

    Seven Owls Wise is also probably the coolest name I’ve ever heard… well next to Ronin Starlight of course. [/shamelessplug]

      • Except when it’s pronounced Seven Ladies Dancing, which cracked me up. Although my memory is fuzzy today so that might not have been exactly what it was… anyway, it cracked me up and does not sound like ‘wives’.

  4. I wonder if the group will get spoiled with the healing output. Astral Seal and Lay on Hands can really change the vibe of a fight. Seeing 7OW ‘run out of cheeks’ just shows how ‘silly’ it can get.

    Perhaps having 3 (4?) characters who can heal beyond second wind might inspire some multi-class action next time feats roll around.

    (Torq does have 13 wisdom, right? That’s enough for the Cleric multi-class feat with the healing word power IIRC. We also know he already has the str for the Warlord Multi-class.)

  5. (warning this comment is about season 3 in general and has nothing to do with this episode)
    It’s hard to see Rob in a leadership role this season. Mostly because Randus and Orem did most of the decision making in the previous seasons. This season with Randus doing the science stuff, and Ket telling everyone what to do, and Torq killin stuff, it feels like Orem is left out in the cold.

    • I have to agree. Even though Ket was made to step on other peoples shoes, it does seem to me that he steps too far. Smith in the old seasons had a role of, to an extent, a player that is used as a hook by the GM to keep the story productively moving along rather than spending 18 weeks in the ruins of Moonhold. One of the reasons I find Robs new character a shadow of Smith.

    • Rob (fka Smith) on

      I also built Ket to step up and fill a role that Smith had mechanically but was never able to do for role play reasons, the face. Ket is supposed to be upfront and dealing with people because that was something the party was lacking. One of the side effects that comes with creating a face that wants to face is they tend to stand out in a crowd.

    • He’s the high risk gambling type and Rob has made it clear that even thou he’s part of the team he’s still his own man: he went his own way when the gang tried to research the obelisk, takes his part of the gold rather then leave it with Orem, he picks fights with the team over decisions, etc. I always think of Ket as the annoying new guy who thinks he knows better then the stablished team and sees himself as the natural choice for the leader role. He’s a typical type A with an imp on his shoulder, probably because he lost a bet that landed him in the Torqletones.

  6. As an employee of the State of California I have to thank Matthew for that Goven’ator comment. It was so close to home it kind of hurt – the last few years have been very tough for everyone but that 15% salary reduction was/is really horrible.

    I do have to say the joke was a little late in coming. I think someone needs to make sure Mathew sees the news more often (or at least a calendar). :)

    – – And not that anyone cares but I subscribe and listen via the Zune network and would leave you a 5 star review but they don’t have a review/rating system.

    Thanks for the hard work!

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