Jesus Saiz new Birds of Prey artist


DC Comics has announced that beginning with issue #12, Jesus Saiz will be the ongoing artist for Birds of Prey.  This is good news for the title that has seen a revolving door of artists these last couple of months.  According to Birds of Prey writer, Gail Simone, it’s all good.

“We were lucky to get him, and when his first piece of art came in, the cover to Birds of Prey #12, we knew absolutely he was the perfect choice. We cannot WAIT for you to see his take on Dinah, Helena, Babs and Zinda. Together, we’re going to make 2011 the best year for Birds of Prey ever!”

And yes, that is the cover to Birds of Prey #12.  If you thought Barbara Gordon was going to die in the death of Oracle series, looks like you get an answer above… But again, the title of the is Death of Oracle, not Death of Barbara Gordon.

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