Dominic Pace Ready To Take On Superman


With a host of acting credits under his belt, self-proclaimed character actor Dominic Pace is actively petitioning for the role of a lifetime. Pace has undertaken a self-promotional campaign, championing his desire to be considered as cinema’s next Lex Luthor. Does he have the chops and insight to face off against the Man of Steel? Take the jump and find out!

Major Spoilers: First of all, when did you first become acquainted with Lex Luxor character?

Dominic Pace: I first became acquainted with Lex from the incredible performance given by Gene Hackman in the original feature. I was about 5 (years old). I remember owning the 3D Masterview discs that you would flip to each movie still. I also had a box filled with Superman and Grease trading cards my mom would buy me.

Major Spoilers: What compelled you to undertake a promotional campaign to win the role of Superman’s greatest nemesis? What type of reaction have you encountered from media and fans? Have you considered attending any pop culture/comics conventions, in character?

Dominic Pace: This past summer, I noticed the photography work of Eric Curtis right around the time I heard a new Superman movie would be released. I told my agents in LA that I had a very strong vision of Lex (how I would play it), and I wanted to send them some photos after the shoot. That photo shoot changed me. Something snapped! I began losing more of who I was, and whatever emotion I triggered was more of this character, and I felt ALIVE.

I just finished watching Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan. Natalie Portman’s character BECAME the Black Swan from what life had given her. All the anger, lust, greed, hate and love that comes from life…we’re able to pour it into our craft, and create something we feel very passionate about. I’ve had a very tough journey in this business, as well as through life. There are many different levels to Lex, and I’ve never felt more in touch with an intense amount of energy I can bring to the role. That is why, unlike any role I’ve vied for, I have made this push.

In terms of fan reaction up until now, many are naturally questioning my ability, type, and ‘who the heck is this guy?’. I don’t blame them. I was a huge Star Wars fan before the last 3 were released. Just like Superman fans, I was very passionate about who would play the legendary Anakin Skywalker. Just like many fans, I wanted to see a star like DiCaprio whom I love. His work is ‘spot on’ every time.

As far as any Comic Conventions, I think we’d be straying into a ‘Cheese’ factor if I do that. I think the Facebook Fan Page, as well as interviews, are perfect, but I’m dead serious about my pitch and I’d hate for it to get passed off as a joke by posing along with everyone else dressing as Superman and Spider-Man. I might as well go on Hollywood Boulevard and stand next to Elmo and Cookie Monster with the tourists!

Major Spoilers: From Gene Hackman to Kevin Spacey, the big screen portrayals of Luthor have left some mighty footprints. What are some of your favorite and least favorite character attributes that we’ve seen thus far in the Superman franchises?

Dominic Pace: I love both Kevin Spacey, and Gene Hackman, as well as their take on Lex. Throughout their careers, they have made every one of their characters ‘lifelike.’ From Kaiser Soze in The Usual Suspects, to Gene Hackman in Hoosiers. However, without even reading the new David Goyer script, unless the studio intervenes, I am confident they will have a different take on the Superman Universe. I have my own personal artistic choice on Lex, which will most likely be darker and more imposing than the previous portrayals. But I am also not one-dimensional. I am very much aware that Lex is not just the ‘Evil Thug’.

Regarding Lex, I mentioned in a previous interview that I could not have more respect for all of the A-listers that would be considered for Lex, should the role be written. I’m just very confident in my ability, as well as my take on it should there be a screen test.

Major Spoilers: Same question as above, except this time for Superman.

Dominic Pace: I have loved both Reeve and Routh. Reeve is legendary, and Routh was solid. I remember my cousins and I would always wave ‘hi’ to the TV when Reeve would give that signature nod at the end of each film

Major Spoilers: You have considerable acting experience. Can you give us your ‘origin story?’

Dominic Pace: I was born and raised in a town one hour north of NYC, Ossining. I was raised by only my mom, so there was a lot of frustration and anger without a father. My Grandfather was a World War 2 Veteran who hit Normandy. He was a tremendous influence on my upbringing. Sadly, we lost him last year.

I was pushed around as a kid and I kept a lot of those emotions internal. I discovered acting when I was 16 and the energy was electric! I left college after my first year, as I knew acting was all I ever wanted to do. I left for LA in my early 20’s and began the grind of working in restaurants while appearing in various TV shows. I was running Ashton Kutcher’s restaurant, Geisha House for a couple of years, along with a restaurant on the Sunset Strip called Ketchup, made famous from TV shows The Kardashians and The Hills.

I have a wife and two beautiful boys. In September, after the heartache of losing my Grandfather, I wanted to move back to NY for at least a year. My agent is on both coasts, and I missed my family and friends. I was content with my ‘Character Actor Run’ in Hollywood and wanted to shake it up a bit with some NY stage and film. In the meantime, I’m dropping weight to resemble more of a leaner Lex, rather than get passed off as more a kingpin and thug.

Major Spoilers: The original Superman films started out strong and lost their way as the sequels mounted. Superman Returns was a modest success and garnered mixed reactions from fans and critics. What do you think the critical components are for a good Superman story and do you think that based on the uneven performance of the combined franchise that there may be extra pressure on the new film to exceed expectations?

Dominic Pace: Regarding the success and future of the Superman franchise, I think a lot of thanks is owed to Christopher Nolan and the success of The Dark Knight. I believe the studios have acknowledged that a strong script and strong character development not only rakes in revenue, but receives the admiration and retention. I believe that there was more of an emphasis on the ‘Kid-Friendly/Jar-Jar Binks’ crap earlier on, which made for crap sequels.

Major Spoilers: Major Spoilers focuses a lot of its attention on comics. Are you a reader? If so, what are your favorites?

Dominic Pace: Due to my obligation with supporting my family, I rarely have time for comic books nowadays. I was an avid reader as a kid, and a huge Star Wars collector. I even own a replica of Luke’s Lightsaber and only just recently sold a life size Han Solo in Carbonite that I owned for a few years. My hobby has actually been visiting famous movie locations with my family. This summer we actually headed up to Oregon to visit two of my childhood favorites, Goonies and Stand By Me.

Major Spoilers: You find yourself in an elevator with Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan. You have 45 seconds to make your pitch. GO!

Dominic Pace: My 45-second pitch would be simple…’Let me audition.’
Just like employees, we can all talk a good talk, but if we cannot deliver, we do not belong in the Big Leagues and I’ll lose respect from just BS’ing.

So whatta’ you say, Warners Brothers? Let’s at least give the guy a shot at his dream.

For more information about Dominic Pace and to keep track of his developments, please check out his Facebook Page.