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Celestial Crusade

This episode: It’s time for a rewind in time to look at things from a different perspective.


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  1. When you guys pointed out that this adventure will lead up to the academy battle, it reminded me of vantage point

  2. @lantis robs race originally comes from Magic the Gathering but in DnD 4e theres no equivalent so hes ether a custom race or hes prolly a water genasi with different fluff

    • I know, which is why I’m asking where they got it. There is a D&D equivalent in the MM, so it might have gotten turned into a playable one when I wasn’t looking in one of the expansion books.

  3. Rob (fka Smith) on

    Some Dude’s right, it was/is a Water Genasi with extra fluff. The five primary genasi are detailed in the Forgotten Realms Player’s Guide.

  4. Another great episode fellas! And for all the “I’m tired of all the Matthew references” people out there, we were given many different references by both Stephen and Rob. I do have a question and this may be a small thing I understand. When I think of the Raven Queen and her followers, I don’t see how a cleric would fit into her following. I understand that this is Rodrigo’s world and I am not trying to knitpick, but given that she is the goddess of death would she necessarily want to heal and extend life? I would understand an invoker or avenger as they would bring the enemies of The Raven Queen to death, but a cleric (even a battle cleric) extends the life of their comrades. Keep on doing a great job fellas and I hope to hear Kevin Smith on one of these podcasts soon!

    • I’ve always played the Raven queen in a similar fashion to FR Kelemvor, who advocates healing and curing of diseases to remove the fear of dying and to make sure people die when they are able to. If anything, it’s not about promoting death, but making death meaningful. Another good source on this approach is Piers Anthony’s ‘On a Pale Horse.’

      That being said, I’ll follow the nitpick with another nitpick. Astral Seal was one of the abilities nerfed in one of the updates. Healer’s Lore only effects abilities that allow characters to spend a healing surge, so Astral Seal would not get the +Wis benefit. (Insert ‘it’s your game, do what you want disclaimer here. I actually go back to pre-nerf version in my games)

    • this might help, it’s from a memorandum Bel-Bina sent to the players, hopefully the whole thing will get posted in a future episode:

      The Church of the Raven Queen

      (Children of Ash, The Cult of Death, The Singers of Hymns)

      Holy City: Endgate, The Necropolis Supreme

      The priests of the Raven Queen concern themselves primarily with the passage of the dead from the natural world into the hands of the Raven Queen. As such they are often called upon to perform funerary rights as well as ghostly exorcisms. The Lady of Ash commands her children to stamp out undead wherever they may find them, so although all priests of the Pentatheon tend to find the Undead distasteful, the Priests of the Raven Queen find them inexcusable.

      Many people are weary when dealing with priests of the Raven Queen, but the fact of the matter is, you are not their concern. If you are not disturbing the dead, or undead yourself, then you have nothing to fear. That said, if you find yourself standing between a Child of Ash and their divine imperative, I recommend stepping aside.

  5. I just realised something, Matthew’s avenger just returned from Asmodeus holy city and Asmodeus is also the boss of the devils who the Torqletones and The Queen’s Rebelious Daughter fought in Tuberville. Maybe he’s in the holy city to do MORE tehn just check on the main team…

  6. No offense Rodrigo and crew but I download your podcast to listen to the adventures of the Torqletones not riff raff from the other half. If I may make a small suggestion…..Get back to Torg, Ket, and Randus. Thanks.

    • I think you need to be patient, because it all has a reason/purpose – in this case to give the listener a chance to see how the players react to different characters/classes and so on, and to keep things in the same universe and storyline without starting up new games left and right, which you would like even less.

    • If I may make a small suggestion…..Get back to Torg, Ket, and Randus. Thanks.

      Suggestions are always welcome, but we don’t promise to immediately act on them, or indeed to act at all. You might recall that previous suggestions included things like “Dump Torq!”, “This will never work!”, and “Give it up!” :)

      The Other Half shows are always fun from a player perspective, giving us a chance to branch out and do different things without having to kill off our beloved characters first. Bear with us, the good stuff is still here…

  7. I’m liking the new ‘supporting cast’, it’s cool to get some focus on the divine classes, especially since they’ve been explicitly excluded so far.

    Rodrigo, was there any particular reason why you re-skinned monks as having a divine power source? (Assuming Stephen’s character isn’t just a very devout psychic…) Was it just that Stephen wanted to play a monk, and you wanted all these characters to have strong religious ties? Or do you see monks as fitting better as divinely- as opposed to psychically-powered?

    Thanks again, guys.

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