2010 is officially over, and we can now sit down and look back at the year that was.  This week on the Major Spoilers Podcast, the Major Spoilers Crew pick their best and worst moments, news items, comics, movies, and whatever else pops into their heads of the past year.

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  1. Daytripper was great.
    Atomic Robo has always been great.
    Orc Stain has been crazy and entertaining.
    King City kinda took an odd ending this year, but I love it anyways.
    Cowboy Ninja viking has been interesting.

    I liked the original Casanova colours, but the extra back-stories in the re-releases have been cool.

    That’s all I have, and before anyone asks, no I don’t really read DC or Marvel.

    Oh, also I may be the only one, but it sucks that Zuda died this year, not that the new entries were really that good, just because I was enjoying the ongoing ones.

  2. Wow great show guys….. Love it. Also I was wondering when the next Critical Hit will be coming out….. And for someone who doesn’t read alot of comics but wants too where would a good starting place be.

    P.S. Notice my name. You guys mentioned it in a previous show.

    • Well, Atomic Robo is hilarious, with good action, is all around fun and is released in standalone mini-series. You could pick up the current arc or past trades and enjoy it without having to wiki every few pages like you would have to in anything from the big 2 (Marvel/DC).

  3. Saddly only a handful of comic books have remained great: Secret Six, Atomic Robo and Invincible, everything else feels like it’s gone down in quality. Some good comic books did appear/return which I love reading: Birds of Prey and Green Hornet are great! Other great things in pop culture last year: Scott Pilgrim the movie, Critical Hit: Celestial Crusade, I still listen to the episode 72’s intro now and then, “So the moon fall from then sky and a rabbi says…” “Wait were are going all the way back to the begining!?”, “Yes, no!”

    The worst: Brightest Day, Wonder Woman Odyssey (my patience is growing VERY thin), Powergirl’s creative team leaving, The X-Men and Hulk in general, Rodrigo missing too many eppisodes (I blame the Robot Overlord), Tron Legacy (that was just aweful), Batman Inc. and other comic book movies not called Scott Pilgrim Versus the World.

  4. Honestly, all of my best-of picks this year came from you guys. “Avengers Academy” got me reading Marvel again because Matthew’s reviews intrigued me. I picked up “Irredeemable”, “Atomic Robo”, and “Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck” because of your reviews (and as of last night, “Beanworld” as well). The only other books I really, genuinely enjoyed were “Doom Patrol” and licensed books like “Darkwing Duck” & “Fraggle Rock” that are being respectful to the source material while still being good in their own right. Marvel & DC just seem to be an endless string of crossovers I really don’t care about anymore, so thanks for recommending so many great alternatives.

  5. I’ll make the disclaimer up front that I don’t really read the superhero titles from the big two and instead read mostly Vertigo and Image books.

    Best: Scalped, American Vampire (somebody figured out vampires don’t sparkle), The Walking Dead, Ex Machina (the last issue absolutely left me breathless), Atomic Robo (Dr. Dinosaur may be the best thing ever!), Chew, Stumptown, Beasts of Burden HC, Fables (#100 was the anniversary issue to end all anniversary issues), Unknown Soldier, Daytripper, Batwoman: Elegy HC (THIS is how you do superhero comics), and the Abominable Charles Christopher continues make me laugh and tear up.

    Worst: Not having any more BK Vaughn titles to read, Unknown Soldier getting cancelled when there are other series that deserve it more, late titles especially Choker and Joe the Barbarian.

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