DC Comics posted a message from Dan DiDio and Jim Lee about the pricing structure of DC Comics for 2011, and though it is a lot of hype, there does seem to be a lot of enthusiasm and sense of eagerness from the publishers as the first working week of the year kicks off.

Press Release

There was a lot of excitement at panels, in the press, and on Twitter and Facebook when we first announced that DC Comics and Vertigo will be holding the line at $2.99 for standard format ongoing comic book titles. These changes were for you, the fans, and retailers shared your excitement. We were just getting started.

As we begin the New Year, the pricing changes are going into effect and the timing couldn’t be better. We have a number of exciting storylines beginning in January, February and March that we believe will connect with the readers who have already been following the titles–and will most definitely be of interest to fans who aren’t yet buying the titles each and every month. We’re talking about stories like the Prelude to FLASHPOINT in FLASH, the WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS, REIGN OF DOOMSDAY, and BATMAN BEYOND, to name just a few…

And this isn’t just about the DC Universe.

Critically acclaimed, fan favorite Vertigo titles all have major storylines starting this winter. AMERICAN VAMPIRE kicks off a truly epic WWII storyline. THE UNWRITTEN promises major reveals inside the belly of a whale. And, believe it or not, superheroes show up in FABLES, in ways that defy your expectations.

And don’t even get us started about the return of…

Ah, but that would be saying too much. We’ll be making announcements and previewing big stories over the course of the next two weeks on THE SOURCE and GRAPHIC CONTENT, and we can’t spoil it all here. But know this: we’re listening to you, the fans, about pricing and format. We want to hear about which titles you are loving—and which books you used to love, but have drifted away from. We want to know what characters you want to see more of in the New Year. Because we want you to be there with us, each and every week throughout the year, whether you buy monthly comic books, wait for the trades or download issues at the DC digital store.

In 2011, heroes will return. Creators will take chances. DC will hold the line.

Dan and Jim

While it’s great that DC Comics is “doing it for the reader”, I wonder if DC has finally realized they will not beat Marvel in the Market Share or Dollar Share ratings of the direct market, of if they are still hoping the pricing structure will draw more people to the less expensive titles, thus pushing them ahead in the publisher wars? Diane Nelson, President of DC Entertainment thinks the company can dominate.

If we were to make one New Year’s resolution for the company, it would be to make DC the leader in all media, while growing the reach of comics to more fans – existing and new. We are taking steps to achieve this goal through new digital distribution plans and, just as important, by keeping our current line of comics affordable by holding the $2.99 price!

While price is a big concern among readers right now, and a $2.99 price line is great, comic book fans are always going to be comic book fans. Spider-Man and Wolverine lovers will always buy the books featuring their favorite characters regardless of the price.  Where this price structure helps DC, is that the savings DC Universe readers might just translate to another book or two being picked up that the reader wouldn’t have taken a chance on before.

And if anyone is wondering where DC is putting its eggs in 2011, take a look at who is leading the charge in the above image.  While Batman may have 18 Bat related titles in March 2011, it wouldn’t surprise me if Green Lantern doesn’t get a few new titles in the coming year.  And the return of… bit?  I’ll let you start the speculation now.

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    • While I’m not about to say it won’t be, what makes you think it is the return of a dead or dropped character?

      Given that it came after “And this isn’t just about the DC Universe.” and as a follow-up to goings-on in the Vertigo titles, I read it as possibly the return of an entire comics universe (Wildstorm or one of DC’s many other “subsidiary” properties).

  1. I’d just be happy with the Justice Leauge being the Justice Leauge, ie, the “big guns” of DCU meaning Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Hal Jordan, Jonn Jonnz, Aquaman, Barry Allen/Flash and Plastic Man (why Plas? Because Ralph Dinby’s dead…at least for now). Throw Hawkman, GA and Ray Palmer/Atom back in once they get their you-know-what in one sock. That’s not “yearning for the Silver Age” but just questioning why an organization that handles the “earth-shattering” threats would not have Supes, Bruce and Diana in the roster?

    The current JLA is mildly interesting as the “2nd Generation” JLA but if the big guns are still out there why have Donna “I need a code-name, stat” Troy, Batman/Dick Greyson, Jade, Supergirl and Liberty Belle/Jessie Quick running the show?

    • ehh…. I’d be fine with Dick, Wally and Kyle (or John) as part of the Big 7. But I think the idea of the Big 7 is kinda false. If they lost Aquaman and J’onn, I wouldn’t care too much–neither one of them has ever had the status of the other five (in terms of carrying their own books).

      I grew up with the Satellite League, which was really the Big Two (Clark & Bruce) in every issue with a rotating roster of 2nd-tier heroes (yes, I’m including Barry and Hal here) and occasionaly appearances by Diana. I was actually annoyed that Clark & Bruce were in every issue, because the writers always had to find a way to take them out early so that the other folks had something to do.

      I’d love to see more of the heroes who don’t have their own books — bring in the new Hawks, the revived Atom, let Canary appear once in a while (don’t take her off BoP), Firstorm, Zatanna, Blue Beetle (if they don’t actually kill off Jaime), etc. Make it a JLU-type roster — Big 12 (or 14 or 20) and rotate the roster.

  2. In regards to them “holding the line”, while a cute gimmick and nice gesture….comics are still too damn high. $2.50 or $2.00 would really get my attention and NO FREAKIN’ DELAYS!!!

    Well Marvel, DC basically calling you out…but I guess when you have the lion’s share of the market you ain’t got to do jack….SMH….

  3. This is great to hear. As someone that has recently had to cut all comic spending due to the economy and job loss the lower price will help that gift certificate to my local comic shop go a little bit farther.

  4. Blackthunder01 on

    If the Big Seven return … I probably will too. That is one of the few things that could get me buying again. That … and All Star Batman and Robin finishing.

  5. The Big Seven Justice League seldom works, because of the nature of the individual character arcs. How long before a “Knightfall”, a “New Krypton” or a “Death Of Wonder Woman” arc derails it all?

    I guess it’s just that I’ve seen that concept about six times in my comic reading lifetime, but there’s just no bullets in that conceptual gun worth the pain-in-the-ass that comes with it.

  6. I am worrying about Aquaman running with that trident. Didn’t he just get a hand back? He should be more careful…

  7. If they draw the line at $ 2.99, i guess in the future they will just go on reduce the pages, in the end you pay 3 dollars for three pages of story

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