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  1. I find this news lacking, seeing as how they’ve already released solicits for FF#1.
    Instead, I see this as Marvel’s own politics-as-usual these days. Event, cancellation, relaunch, eventual renumber.

    Whatever. I’ll go along for the ride so long as Hickman’s on board.

  2. It would be cool if they actually ended the Fantastic Four. Like the team is – for the time being – indefinitely gone. No more Fantastic Four. The surviving members all go their separate ways. Sure, they’ll come back eventually – but for the time being it would mark a pretty cool “end of an era.”

    As been pointed out, there’s not really happening. This is clearly more of the beginning of a story rather than the end of one, and that’s what kind of frustrates me. I expect it will follow the same trajectory of Captain America – a major death, a new direction, but within a year or two, pretty much business as usual despite some revitalized directions.

  3. Regardless of how much I do or don’t believe in the lastingness of “The END Of The Fantastic Four”, the cover is beautiful. They’re a smiling superhero family… and i think the story will be beautiful if you take it just for itself, just for it’s moments.

  4. As ol’ Bashful Benjamin Grimm said about a very similar situation back in the early eighties (or so) “Again? But that never works!”

  5. Do they still have kids? Because that would be shocking and kind of awesome if they killed off the kids. That would break up the team, with the repercussions of kids being killed, but would leave the members intact, and easier to never go back to “status quo”.

  6. I thought that too, Usagizero, but I think it seems more likely Franklin or Valerie (when she’s older) would replace the fallen member than anything else. These kids really aren’t part of the Fantastic Four, so fans would most likely look at it like a cop-out, kinda like what Marvel did to Vision and Scarlet Witch’s kids pre-Young Avengers.

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