The Daily BLAM! got the exclusive first look at Tomar-Re from the upcoming Green Lantern movie, and he certainly looks like an alien fish-bird thingy.

Growing up on the planet Xudar, Tomar-Re comes from a peaceful avian race that focuses their efforts on the arts and sciences instead of war. His nature to examine everything has led the Guardians of the Universe to appoint him the archivist and protector of the sacred Book of Oa. When not studying the nature of the Corps, Tomar-Re patrols the sector of 2813 where he developed a close friendship with neighboring sector 2814’s Green Lantern, Abin Sur. Tomar has taken an interest in Abin’s replacement, Hal Jordan. Though Hal is not one for details, Tomar hopes to teach Hal what it means to be a Green Lantern.

To quote Rodrigo, “I Like It!” There is certainly a lot of CGI going on, but it sure beats a really skinny guy in a cheap rubber mask.  And really, in the day and age of computer post production taking over the world, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that most/all of the aliens, along with the Green Lantern ring effects are all going to be CGI.  Ten to One says I enjoy the heck out of this movie regardless.

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  1. Thou I normally agree with both you and Rodrigo – I don’t like it!
    To me it seems like they are doing everything wrong with this movie.

    Wrong actor (Should have gone with Nathan Fillion)
    Wrong lantern (Wouldn’t it be so much cooler if they had went with Guy Gardner?)
    And now this chiken-lizard-fish thing!

    Looks a little too much like they are going for the “Hellboy feeling”.

  2. Actually, I like the Tomar-Re with the exception his eyes should be much bigger (which would have made him look more like the comics version which looks like a very surprised chicken/fish/thing.)

    • I’m half with that idea and half thinking he looks fine as he is. I have a feeling the smaller eyes may allow him to convey more facial expressions than the larger comic version would when translated to the screen without looking too cartoony.

      • Good point. I’m just glad at this point to see that Tomar Re and other characters already shown have at least a basis on the comic characters traditional look, with the exception of the uniforms looking like their skin has been transformed into the GL uniform instead of a uniform.

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