Someone is gonna die in the Fantastic Four, bringing the team down to three.  While comic book deaths are seldom final, it can be fun to speculate and jump on board the hype wagon to see if you are right or not.  With the polybagged edition of Fantastic Four #587 arriving in stores on February 2, 2011, it’s time to start placing your bets on who will die, and who will live.


Which member of the Fantastic Four will die?

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  1. I have to say it will be Johnny, since over my Christmas Vacation I was asked who was going to die, and that’s who I think will do so, and I never really had any emotional envestment with Mr. Storm.

  2. I’m just going with the “he ain’t been dead yet” line on this one. All in favor of the Original Human Torch or Toro taking his place? (IRRROOONNNNYYYYYY!!!)

  3. My money is on Susan.

    I don’t really want her to die – she’s one of the most compelling members on the team – but I wonder if Marvel feels killing her will force the rest of the team into a variety of different family roles which will re-vitalize the team. With the exception of Reed, no other character’s death really effects the team in a fundamental way.

  4. I think it will be Reed, the breaking up a marriage drama will create more stories than any of the other deaths. Also it will have a bigger impact on the Marvel Universe as a whole if one of the greatest scientists dies and can’t save them from the next world wide threat.

    They already killed The Wasp so I doubt they’ll aim for Sue, Ben Grimm is on the New Avengers so I doubt they’d take one of Bendis’s toys away. Storm I just don’t think would have the impact necessary to make people care the next day.

    • They retconned the Wasp death recently to that she ascended to the level of Celestial Entity. Hank Pym decided she’d enjoy hanging out with Hawkman and Inara, so he left her there for now. But if a future writer needs her, he knows where to get her.

  5. Ben Grimm is the most popular, and most likely to make mainstream news if he dies. But Reed would be the most interesting death, as his intelligence is almost over-powering the team, making them nigh invincible. So killing him off would let them tell more stories. But Johnny hasn’t been dead yet. The only one I think is safe is Sue, but that might be reason enough to kill her.

  6. The real question is why should I care about the FF anymore? Have anyone done anything with them in the last few years? I would love to see Marvel do so,ething with this team other than, Reed’s an ass because he’s so smart. Ben’s gruff but oh so lovable, and Johnny is a ‘flamming’ douche. Susan as I recall doesn’t have a personality.

  7. It’s Reed vs Johnny; they won’t kill the only woman on the team or the lovable comic relief. Reed will probably make a heroic sacrifice to save/solve everything, as seen in the recent storyline.

    Johnny, eh. Who cares about him, anyway?

  8. As far as I can tell, Reed and Johnny don’t have much emotional attachment to each other. If Johnny dies, I can see them having Reed react cold and logical and piss off Sue. So more marriage drama. If Reed dies, Johnny’s lost his brother-in-law. It would be easier for all the rest to cope with Reed’s death, but is there a need for the team then? Sue has two kids to take care, Ben is already on the Avengers, and Johnny has gone solo in the past.

    Ben got killed a few years back and Jack Kirby; one half of God, brought him back and redrew Reed’s face. (Speaking of that storyline, was it before or after 1602?)

    Which leaves Sue. Her death would impact all the other teammates. Would suck on the whole ‘Women in Refrigerators’ front, but if it’s done well… Screw it, no matter how it’s done it would still be accused of sticking her in the freezer.

    But I still picked Sue. Mainly because her death would get the ‘UP’ opening effect on the others.

  9. My guess is Johnny since he’s never died. Also the Spider Man tie-it features a 4 in flame which is something Torch is known for. If it was anybody else it would feature a different type of 4 symbol.

    Then again, maybe it is Sue and this is an extension of Joey Q’s War on Marriage. T’challa and Ororo, watch out! ;p

  10. Space Cadet Juan on

    I feel like a super nitpicky comic nerd pointing this out, but it’s a real pet peeve of mine: Sue is married to Reed; her last name is Richards. She hasn’t been Sue Storm since 1965! I see this all the time and for some reason it drives me crazy…

    • Plenty of high profile women continue going by their maiden names. While there name is legally something else, they continue to go by the name people already know them by to prevent confusion. So relax and take some deep breaths before you get all nitpicky about Sue’s last name.

  11. Antonio Sanciolo on

    Hey if “I” was writing it, it’d be Sue all the way. I can’t recall any specifics but whenever I’ve read FF she’s always come off a bit “Jean Grey post phoenix” in that never explained “she has the power to control the very atoms we are made of” kind of way.

    She’s also the only thing really stopping Johnny going off and getting arrested drunk driving hookers to vegas; Reed from violating every single ethical taboo in science, and Ben from going around smacking people around with his rock-pimp hand.

    She was the only one that prevented namor and doom, and any other of the male villains from wiping the FF out (With her secret Helen of Troy powers)

    This “Heroic Age” seems to be over at marvel for all the good it did. Things are going dark now. It makes sense to snuff the real flame in the fantastic four. Now their greatest strength (family together rainbow power) is gone and they’ve got to face their ultimate nightmare.

    Smart money on Reed going nutso and possibly being the big bad in a company wide crossover.

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