One of the Faithful Spoilerites sent in this suggestion for the poll of the week – Animals Fighting! Now while we don’t condone dog fights, cock fights, or other forms of animal cruelty, when the animals in question are fictional, and are already maiming and killing, it seems reasonable enough to toss the little buggers in the ring and let them go at it.

Entering the ring this week are Rocket Raccoon and Dex-Starr!


Dex-Starr is a Red Lantern who, upon his first appearance in the comics, murders the Sinestro Corps Member from Sector 3 with his Red Lantern vomit. Dex-Starr hails from Earth in Sector 2814. It is assumed that he was on Ysmault during the assault by the Lost Lanterns and the Alpha Lanterns.

Rocket Raccoon

Rocket Raccoon comes from Halfworld, in the Keystone Quadrant, an abandoned colony for the mentally ill where the animal companions were genetically manipulated to grant them human level intelligence and bipedal body construction for many to become caretakers of the inmates. Rocket was Halfworld’s chief law officer (“ranger”) who protected the colony against various threats.

Rocket Raccoon acts as the “Guardian of the Keystone Quadrant”, an area of outer space sealed off from the rest of the cosmos by the so-called Galacian Wall. Rocket is captain of the starship Rack ‘n’ Ruin, and he and his first mate Wal Russ (a talking walrus) come from the planet Halfworld, half of which is inhabited by other talking animals, and half of which is inhabited by automatons.

Two animals enter, one will leave… victorious!


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  1. Rocket Raccoon would blow the red ring off dex-starr’s little paw then made a funnier wise-crack then the any one I could come up with now. So I won’t try.

  2. Of both characters, Rocket Raccoon is definitely better. However, this is a fight; not a popularity contest. And, in a fight, the one with the better weapon wins and that would be Dex-Starr. The red ring might replace your blood with plasma, but it gives you flight, shields (I think), enhancements (not sure) and the vomit plasma beam of death. I don’t think there’s a weapon Rocket Raccoon can scrounge up to counter that…unless you give him his own power ring, nova force, quantum bands or star brand.

  3. Gotta go with Dex-Starr here. As much as I love Rocket, Dex has a Red Lantern ring which can keep him alive in the vacuum of space so it would probably stop Rocket’s laser blasts. Now had it been Dex versus Cosmo the Cosmonaut dog, it might have been a different outcome.

  4. Dex-Starr all the way!

    But beyond that…Geoff Johns, we need more Dex-Starr. We’ve only had one little follow up story at the back end of a GL issue last year. We need to know how Dex-Starr is doing on his journey to avenge the murder of the nice lady that took care of him.

  5. Hmm. I’m not too familiar with either, but I’m going to go with Matthew’s specialist rule and say Dex-Starr. Rocket seems cool, but I don’t know what he excels at. Dex-Starr however seem to specialize in being completely INSANE.

  6. Rocket Raccoon, for two reasons: a) he is a character, not just a visual gag and b) he is supposedly a master strategist, so I can easily see him outwitting the blue furball somehow, power ring or not. Can’t wait to see him in another cosmic book!

  7. Blackthunder01 on

    I voted for Dex-starr because I’ve at least heard of him … but just barely. I have no idea what each character is capable of though.

  8. Thanks for using my suggestion guys! I got to give it to the all powered ring bearer. No, SCRATCH that. Rocket gets a hold of one of those rings that’re always floating around, and goes to town on DEX STARR.

  9. Man I dig Dex-Starr, but I’ve gotta give this to the raccoon with the heavy firepower. I’d tend to think that he can come up with the ordinance to counter the Red Lantern plasma effect.

  10. Dex-Starr all the way. Rocket is just a (fuzzy) guy with a gun. Kitty has a freak’n ring that lets him vomit plasma blood.

  11. Hmm…a raccoon ordinance master versus a cat with a power ring..

    Hmm, Rocky would mix some friskies with a little coagulant, make a blaster out of it, and clean some kitty’s clock..

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