Bluewater Productions sent Major Spoilers a sneak peek of titles arriving in stores in January 2011.  Take the jump for Beyonce, 10th Muse, Nanny and Hank, and many more.

FAME: Beyonce
Author(s): CW Cooke
Artist(s): Alex Lopez
Cover Artist(s): Juanmar Studios
January release

All the single ladies know that Beyonce is one of the hottest musicians in the world, if not the hottest. From dreaming of singing as a young girl to her days in Destiny’s Child to her days now as a solo pop superstar, take a look behind the curtain at this stellar musician and person. She might not be a superhero, but judging all the things she’s done, you’d be hard pressed not to think she is. She’s amazing, fierce, and always striving to be the best.

10th Muse: Manga Giant giant sized one shot
Writer: Dan Rafter
Pencils: Gerald Novoa Sheppard
Cover Artist(s): Gerald Novoa Sheppard
January release

A new take on the classic 10th Muse character that took 10 years in the making. The 10th Muse has sprung from the pages of mythology into the modern world. She’s not alone, though: An entire Greek cast of monsters, muses and gods have followed, and they haven’t come to make the Muse’s life any easier.

Power of the Valkyrie: Graphic novel
Author(s): Chris Studabaker
Artist(s): Mannix
Cover Artist(s): Mannix
January release

Philosophic action and adventure continues in this new saga starring Bluewater’s Norse hero and written by Day Prize-nominee Chris Studabaker. Suzanne Bancroft is going to die, and the end of the world will be her fault. A relentless demi-god has declared he will murder Suzanne and her death will begin a chain of events culminating in Ragnarok. Worse yet – her murderer can see her fate. While still trying to understand her new role as the Valkyrie, Suzanne must seek the true nature of fate and ask herself a hard question: how do you fight a battle you’re destined to lose?

VSS vs GEARZ: Giant Sized! ( 32 pages – no ads)
Author(s): Dan Rafter
Artist(s): K. Michael Mayne
Cover Artist(s): Dan Glasl
January release

After being rescued from a flood by a man named Brandon, a married couple soon learn the hard way that their savior is in fact a serial killer who plans on holding the couple captive in his home

Political Power: Bill O’Reilly
Author(s): Jerome Maida
Artist(s): Beniamino Bradi
Cover Artist(s): Simon Wright
January release

The star of the highest rated opinion show on cable television, Bill O’Reilly has overcome humble beginnings to become a best-selling author and the most famous pundit on TV today and more powerful than the majority of the politicians he covers. While his style has become legendary and some of his on-air confrontations have become classics, this is a chance to learn what “factors” influenced him at a young age to become the brash, influential, opinionated superstar he is today.

Nanny & Hank #3
Author(s): Mark L. Miller
Artist(s): Steven Babb
Cover Artist(s): Steven Babb
January release

Giving a whole new meaning to walkers of the night. Nanny & Hank think that becoming creatures of the night was hard, but now they must face their greatest challenge yet…their grandchildren!

“The horror with heart continues in this four issue miniseries…” from Ain’t It Cool News’ Mark L. Miller!

Female Force: Sarah Palin THE SEQUEL
Author(s): Dan Rafter
Artist(s): Nathan Carson
Cover Artist(s): Michal Szyksznian
January release

The Democratic party can’t shake the political force that is Sarah Palin. Does the previously unknown governor from Alaska have a legitimate shot at becoming the United States’ first female president? Will she bring down the Obama administration in 2012? One thing’s certain: Palin has made politics a lot more interesting.

Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook
Author(s): Jerome Maida
Artist(s): Fritz Saalfeld
Cover Artist(s): Michal Szyksznian
January release

As the brains and driving force behind Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has become the youngest billionaire in the history of the planet. As this comic reveals, the road for the success for both his creation and him personally was not preordained nor was it always a smooth ride. He would be tempted with unimaginable amounts of money and have to deal harshly with people along the way – many of whom would later feel betrayed. Read how a young man’s frustration with women helped spark an idea that would have him dating Victoria’s secret models and how socially inept young man wound up creating a company that has revolutionized the way hundreds of millions of people all over the globe socialize with each other.

Vincent Price Presents #25: “The House of the Raven”
Author(s): Clay & Susan Griffith
Artist(s): Patricio Carbajal
Cover Artist(s): Patricio Carbajal
January release

This is a role that Vincent Price was born to play, but didn’t, until now. Aubrey Pitt, is a 1930s magician/gentleman detective known as The Raven. He is a suave fixture of high society as a crime solver and occult expert. But the Raven is summoned to a mysterious meeting with a wicked old colleague where he is presented with a puzzle worthy of his extraordinary talents. If he fails to solve it, he dies. If he succeeds, he lives in misery. The House of the Raven is a sinister tale of mystery and magic, demons and cocktail parties, and lederhosen.

Styx & Stone #1
Author(s): Adam Gragg & Darren G. Davis
Artist(s): Matias Basla
Cover Artist(s): Matias Basla
January release

Who knows what darkness lies in the heart of men? Detective Melvyn Stone, that’s who. After a mandatory sabbatical in South Africa, Detective Stone returns to duty but this time, he’s sharing his body with the ghost of a career criminal! As Mel tries to re-acclimate to the life of a cop, the mysterious and unusual murder of a popular college football player slowly begins to open the door to a Nether-world only found in his darkest nightmares. Joined by the ghostly James Wyatt, and his new partner Detective Claire Sanchez, Mel begins to realize the strange journey he is now on. How are he and James linked? What happened to him while he was in South Africa? And what is the significance of the River Styx? Find out in the first chapter of Bluewater’s first supernatural ongoing horror series Styx and Stone!

The Deathsport Games #2
Author(s): Mark L. Miller
Artist(s): Roy Stewart
January release

David, Carrie, & Dean find themselves in a game for their lives and with every death match against the vicious Sportsmen getting deadlier, everyone getting out of this Olympic Games from hell alive is getting more and more unlikely. The reimagining of the Roger Corman cult classic continues from writer Mark L. Miller (AICN Comics, NANNY & HANK)!

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