DC Comics is getting ready to hibernate for the remainder of the year (holiday times at companies are so much fun), but before the break, the company teased us with the question “What Lantern will join the Justice League of America next Spring?”
Well, who is it going to be?  To stir the pot a little bit, notice the question didn’t ask which GREEN Lantern will join the JLA, simply what Lantern.

Intardwebz Speculation Engine Go!

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  1. Indigo tribe leader lady or Carol Ferris. Either way it would let them stretch the superhero in them more while in a team setting. A test run before a new ongoing.

  2. I’m going with a Red Lantern. Why? Because they went from a Green Arrow to a Red Arrow so why stop impersonating a stop light now?

  3. Since I find this team to be rather boring … Carol Ferris.
    Or since I notice how it’s a team of mostly sidekicks … John Stewart. (I love the man but he’s always taking a back seat.)

  4. Carol would be a good fit..but still leaves Dick as the only male powerhouse (starman and gorila don’t count)
    Atocitus would be AWESOME but will most likely not happen…
    Or Bleez after Emerald Warriors.

    I hope they keep JLA but launch a revamped JLI as well.

  5. Too bad it couldn’t be the female Green Lantern from that alternate reality that just got killed off by the Crime Syndicate….

  6. What’s wrong with JADE? (recalls the recent JSA fustercluck) oh yeah… :/

    Of course, the current JLA is actually The Titans (plus alien and ape), but Deathstroke took over the Titans (sans “Teen”) franchise, didn’t he?

    @Mela – you mean Dex-Starr?

    @brainypirate – the Tangent GL? that would be cool, but didn’t they just destroy that universe? I stopped reading that series after two issues. Loved the original stories, tho.

  7. I’m angling for the Elephant Blue Lantern, with the Red Lantern cat as his familiar. Hell, give them their own BOOK. They can crossover and fight GROOT and Rocket Raccoon. And there’s your next poll of the week.

  8. Depending on how Brightest Day and Generation Lost continue to unfold, I’m thinking Steviecool might be on the right track with Max Lord. Someone at DC has to have a decent way to spin the current “nobody knows who he is” story in with the conflicting “wasn’t he dead/wasn’t he a good guy/wasn’t he replaced by a robot-cyborg-computer-villain” tales that we’ve gotten in the past to give us back the amoral but not completely evil JLI taskmaster that we knew and loved from the Giffen/DeMatteis days. You know: A character with questionable morals that keeps you guessing, but you know for a fact won’t shoot his friends in the head?

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