Once thought to be the last Bigfoot of his kind, John Prufrock (or “Proof”) finds evidence of others out in the world just like him. Proof is now on a desperate search to find anyone with answers and information about this startling revelation.

Writer: Alex Grecian
Artist: Riley Rossmo
Colors: Frank Zigarelli
Publisher: Image comics

To the delight of a small, yet rabid, group of fans, Proof returns in the new miniseries Proof: Endangered. While this series piggybacks directly off of plot threads from Proof’s previous title, Proof: Endangered #1 succeeds in presenting a story that welcomes new fans while never alienating longtime followers.

The book’s main story revolves around Proof having solid (and gruesome) evidence of the existence of another Sasquatch just like him. What has always eluded Proof in the past is any semblance of knowing where he came from or if others like him exist. This new revelation can be seen as the biggest payoff yet for fans following Proof since the beginning. This plot point was actually discovered in an earlier Proof story so new fans might want to get the older TPBs in order to catch up fully, but it’s not totally necessary.

Proof: Endangered #1 can be seen more as a prologue than anything else. Alex Grecian uses this issue to set up multiple plots and sub-plots without ever getting too in depth with any of them. The result is an issue that acts like an appetizer for the rest of the miniseries.

Because this issue sets up so many plot points at once a lot gets lost in the shuffle. New fans might have a hard time getting attached to the main characters in the book because of the brevity of their scenes. Even Proof is only seen in this issue for less than five pages. There is no time to get inside of Proof’s mind in this first issue and there is no time to step back and breathe from the plot due to the rapid fire pace. However, Grecian sets up a very intriguing final page that should get new fans interested enough to pick up the next issue.

While many of the scenes in this book may be too brief and crowded that doesn’t mean that they are without their charms. In fact, the introductory pages to this issue are about as brutal, visceral and engrossing as any comic on the shelves. One of Grecian’s strengths is that he approaches Proof’s outlandish world with a sense of weight and reality. Just because Sasquatches and Chupacabras populate this world doesn’t mean this book reads like a cartoon. Grecian places these characters in a world very down to Earth and well adjusted to these fantastical elements. In fact, the human character’s matter-of-fact attitude while standing next to a towering Sasquatch wearing a neatly pressed suit is one of the unique charms of the book.

While Grecian does an admirable job in satisfying longtime fans and curious newcomers, Riley Rossmo’s art shines in this issue no matter how long you have known about Proof. Beautifully stylized, energetically composed and deliciously gory all describe Rossmo’s efforts on this book. From the kinetic slaying of Japanese businessmen by a crazed Chupacabra to a solemn looking, yet sharply dressed, Proof, Rossmo brings an atmosphere and imagination to the book that fits it perfectly. Rossmo’s art is aided by the fact that Frank Zigarelli’s colors jump right off the page and bring Proof’s gritty world to life.


Proof: Endangered #1 is a great return to form for any longtime fan of Proof and a great place to hop on board for any comic book fan looking for something a little different than the usual cape and tights. While a little light on character work, Proof: Endangered #1 should feature enough great art and unique ideas to keep newcomers wanting more.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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  1. How long has Proof been around as a series, or series of mini-series? You reference it being a return to form, and I’ve only just heard of the character merely months ago so I just wondered how long he’s been around.

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